Gurucharitra – Adhyay – 14 · Rajendra Vaishampayan | Length: This track is on the following album: Guru Charitra · Rajendra Vaishampayan. Gurucharitra is the biography of Shri Narasimha Sarasvati written bu shri Sarasvati Gangadhar swami. This book is considered as extremely revered and needs. 30 डिसें सर्व दत्तात्रेय भक्तांचे जीवाभावाचे म्हणून श्री गुरूचरित्र अत्यंत पुज्यनीय व वंदनिय आहे. याच्या.

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Saraswati Gangadhar refers to himself as Namadharaka in the Book. Adhyay guru charitra 14 adhyay – The Blockheaded Youth becomes a great Pandit. Shri Guru blesses her Saying “Soubhagyavati Bhava “. But one of the sons, just when the parents were planning to do his Upanayanam ceremony, dies. Anasuya asked Trimurthys to remain there as their Sons. They both came to Shri Guru. When he did so, Shri Guru put little bhasma on the tip of his tongue.

The worried king Indrasen was put in jail by his enemies who usurped the throne. Shri Guru Says to everyone that as his fame is now getting spread all over the Country, People of different origin and caste would now come to get there problems solved and that so he would now choose to move to Chafitra Shailyam and stay Secretly.

Your password has been successfully updated Ok got it! Everyone goes back happily and on the Day of Guru charitra 14 adhyay Shri Guru visits all his 7 disciples and also stays at the Math in Ganagapur at the same time.

Contents of Shri Guru Charitra: Tantuk oberved fast and he also went to the Sangam and bowed to Shri Guru. We have receieved your request. In this Adhyay, Sri Vallabha teaches about Shani Pradosha Puja Mahima to Ambika, who in a state of desperation, came to the river with the intention of drowning herself along with her blockhead son. A Grand Samardhana was arranged jointly.

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The same charitr continues to be showered even now, guru charitra 14 adhyay whomsoever seeks it. Seeing his devotion, Shri Guru asked bhaskar one day to do samaradhna. Atri Rishi returned to Ashram and realised that they are The Trimurthys. Adhyay 20 ugru Gangadhar’s wife getting riddance from persecution by the Brahmin Ghost. He goes to Sangam and on seeing Shri Guru starts walking towards him. Music Videos Movies Tv Shows. Adhyay 7 – Importance of the Kshetra Gokarna. By the time Kacha memorised it as he heard it 3 times.

Rajendra Vaishampayan – Gurucharitra – Adhyay – 14 – Listen on Deezer

The Monkey and Cock living there too were burnt and dead. Eating of Onion, Garlic, Egg etc must not be done and if possible one must have food only once and Fast in the Morning guru charitra 14 adhyay Night.

To the east of it, is ‘Kalleshwar’ like Gokarna Mahabaleshwar. As the brahmins joked at him, a disciple was sent by Shri Guru and all of them came to the Math.

Rest assured we WON’T spam! His field was on the way to the Sangam. Shri Guru then looks at him with his Sight full of Nectar and the Brahmin youth sat up as if guru charitra 14 adhyay from Sleep. This Adhyay descibes the story of the young woman Savitri and the death of her sick husband Datta whom she brought all the way from her far away home at Mahur, for Guru Nath’s Darshan with great hopes of his recovery.

Once 2 Pundits knowing the 3 vedas came to him and asked for the Discussion with the Brahmins over there or else agree guru charitra 14 adhyay Superiority by giving them a Certificate. What is charifra desire?


Shri Guru Charita

The Code was said by Brahaspati to Lopamudra at Kashi. The patches of leprosy on his thigh also disappeared in course of time.

TV Episodes View all. Even today devotees experience his Blessings by reading Sri Guru Charitra repeatedly. Adhyay 8 – Importance of the Shani Pradosha Vrata. Are you sure you want to remove this from guru charitra 14 adhyay watching list?

Finally the demons had to kill kacha and mix his flesh in Shukracharyas Drink and in order to save kacha 114 had to teach the Mantra to Devayani and kacha came to life tearing his belly.

The Brahmin later discovers a Pot of Gold in that Place. Shri Guru agreed and when they reached South Gate of the Town. Once there was a rain and the water came inside the Guru charitra 14 adhyay.

He thereafter becomes a close disciple of Guru Nath. He is the redeemer and rescuer of the fallen and the doomed. Dhis philosophy and teachings. Siddha Yogi starts narrating the Guru Charitra to him, which the latter listens to with rapt attention. There furu a great storm, followed by heavy rain, Sayamdeo stood stretching a cloth over Shri Guru to protect him from the rain. Guru charitra 14 adhyay one who is devoted to the scriptures and abides by the Dharma which they enunciate, is sure to adhywy enlightment.

A verification link has been sent on your Email ID. This Adhyay describes how Shri Guru Nath, moved by pity at the sorrow of the woman, brings back to life the dead child.