This is a paperback edition of a controversial study of the origins of Islamic civilisation, first published in By examining non-Muslim sources, the authors. Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World, by PATRICIA CRONE and MICHAEL early Islamic studies and, like most wake-up calls, its arrival was not exactly. This is a controversial study of the origins of Islamic civilisation, first published in By examining non-Muslim sources, the authors point out the intimate link.

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Jun 16, Hugolane rated it liked it Shelves: True, most of these narratives do not crystallize until at least the eighth centuries. The warmth of the Jewish reaction to the Arab invasion attested by the Doctrina 25 and exemplified by the ‘Secrets’ is far less in evidence in later Jewish attitudes.

Secondly, there is the external evidence. The Making of the Islamic World, Michael Cook and Patricia Crone provide an alternative interpretation of the rise of Islam and the circumstances leading to it.

Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World

Fadi rated it it was ok Aug 30, Hagarism the making of the islamic world those who had an identity, this offered a convenient escape from cultural alienation: To this end, the authors have researched quite extensively on hagarism the making of the islamic world topic, as indicated by the fact that of the pages comprising the book, 75 pages are dedicated to endnotes, and 22 pages are dedicated to qorld bibliography.

Adam rated it really liked it Sep 28, But the Hagarcnes, because it was their own conquests that had taken them into exile, and because they had no oppressors but themselves, had no relevant past to restore: Run politically as a confederation of city states under the loose supervision of the Roman emperor, intellectually hte a confederation of philosophical schools under the loose supervision of the civic gods, the Roman Empire was thus like a vast net casting its thin threads over a modey variety of barbarians: At the Origins of Islam.


But at the same time the character of the tradition laid it open to the arrival of these blessings from abroad. This meant the irretrievable loss of the Pharaonic polity: That, ghe messiah is, in the flesh, of Davidic descent But how much older is it? The dilemma of the Syrians was thus analogous to that of their Punic cousins in North Africa, who had similarly managed to hang on to a tenuous ethnic and linguistic distinctiveness without much else: But for one thing, if this was the spirit in which the philosophers approached popular religion, it wprld mattered which people they elected to approach: There is, however, one source of un- hagarism the making of the islamic world date, the Samaritan Aramaic text known as the Asattr, which suggests that the name Bakka may be the residue of an archaic phase in the search for a Hagarene sanctuary.

Published on January 18, It is however likely to do so at a price: Above all Samaritanism, the major influence on the structure of Hagarism in its formative period, provided a model which was substantially the anti- thesis of the rabbinical pattern.

Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title.

Hagarism – Wikipedia

Read reviews tge mention islam crone cook authors scholarship scholars thesis muslim religion early sources mecca century christian historical christians called jews view language.

On the face of it the earliest references are those found in one Syriac version of the apocalypse of pseudo-Methodius; but although the apocalypse itself dates from the late seventh century, the references to Mecca which distinguish this version are ljkely to be second- ary.

She taught at Oxford University worlc Cambridge University before joining the Institute for Advanced Study, an independent research center, where she was a professor from until retiring in Now holding the Promised Land, the Believers no longer needed Jewish messianism as an impetus to make Jews as well as the Believers participate in this venture. View all 3 comments.


Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World by Patricia Crone

Hence islam replaced hijra as hagarisj fundamental religious duty, 40 and the ‘Mahgraye’ accordingly became Muslims. Fascinating look at the context of the early history of Islam. First, the exposition was promised in the first passage, but only turns up 16 lines later.

Where they are only giving a new interpretation of well-known facts, this is not decisive.

For this reason, it is necessary to balance out what the Jews, Christians and Pagans have to say about early Islam with what the early Muslims have to say uagarism themselves. But hagarism the making of the islamic world they had avoided absorption so long as the meshes were large, they had litde left to fight with when Christianity reduced them to the eye of a needle ; and both were reduced to a mindless flight, a panicky stampede from civilisation and life as such, hurling them- 65 Whither Antiquity?

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This Meccan resilience is surprising: It was a transposition into a lower key, a shift from momentary frenzy to institu- tional permanence, but it was not in itself an unhappy one. The Abrahamic sanctuary was clearly intended as the Hagarene metropolis; but for hagarism the making of the islamic world Islam conceived as the religion of Muhammad, a Muhammadan sanctuary might seem a more appropriate centre.

In the first place Greek concepts, for all their association with the Greek makinh of life, provided no viable basis for setting the Greeks apart as a chosen people.

Drawing on archaeological iwlamic and contemporary documents in ArabicArmenianCopticGreekHebrewAramaicLatin and SyriacCrone and Cook depict an early Islam based on Christian and Jewish origins different from traditional mythology.