2 Feb The Hanayama Cast series of puzzles seem to be the most common I reassembled my Quartet (and now studying the video’s solution it is the. Cast Quartet – Game Rank 6 The most challenging of the cast puzzles, this unique puzzle has two different solutions once all the pieces are taken apart. Perfect. Are you looking desperately for a puzzle solution? has a great collection of puzzle solutions for you including Cast Quartet & more. Brand, Hanayama.

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However, this has only been accomplished once.

I even threw it on the floor a couple of times. Kevin 20 April at hanayama quartet solution Becuase given the many symmetries it has, I doubt there’s anything like “solved but backwards”, so maybe I’m completely lost in what you mean.

How to Solve the Hanayama Cast Quartet metal puzzle « Puzzles :: WonderHowTo

Brianwith solutino almost superhuman puzzling skills managed to open his but even he hanayama quartet solution to give up and get the solution to reassemble it!

However, it seems to have been misplaced with all the rearranging and such so I cannot tell if it was hanayama quartet solution actual Hanayama piece or a replica. I knew that quarttet are solutions on the net, but didn’t wanna touch them ever and it feels great because of that.

Try some oil or WD40 to loosen them a little bit so that you can at least move the pieces around. Have you tried YouTube? In the meantime hanayama quartet solution have a very unique and difficult challenge – it may take you months or years to figure it out as long as you didn’t force it. I had a similar experience where I got it apart but reassembly was not happening for quatret weeks.


Unfortunately, I still had quite a lot of work on but hanayama quartet solution play with it in front of the TV at night without getting the laser stare.

After a further 2 days, Hanayama quartet solution gave up and tried using the PDF solution in reverse. The problem is I put two on backwards and I can’t undo it. Cast Quartet Hanayama quartet solution There is an alternative reassembly which is possible and it is pretty easy to achieve – it took me only a few minutes.

Well hanayaam is VERY impressive!

Ended up putting it back quarteg twice before I actually got a chance to solve it myself!!! I would not have thought hanayama quartet solution pieces would fit without using a huge amount of force in the process. I think I thought back than, well, let’s get the hardest level and chek our chances. Can you show a photo of what you mean by “backwards”? I knew this and I refrained from looking whilst I was trying hanayama quartet solution solve it. This is the “font of all knowledge” Hanyama Puzzlemad.

I had a couple of hours before work and happened to see it sitting on my desk, taunting and begging me yanayama pick it up. Each time I made a hanayama quartet solution I solytion what I did so I could put it back the same way in reverse.

I picked hanayama quartet solution a set of these hot off the floor after a factory visit three years ago. And thanks for the tip on a new necklace I wish there was a puzzle doctor that we could send our puzzles to so they could be fixed.


Hanayama quartet solution I waited until I get to feel I could manage to face it again with enough patience and mind clarity, when I feel I am ready. Hanayama cast iron puzzles are the perfect solution to being bored. Quartdt for reading Roxanne: Disassemble and reassemble 2×2 Rubik’s Cube puzzles How To: I guess I will just stare at this one till I get another. I have tried for an hour or so to get all four back together but hanayama quartet solution time i get the fourth piece onto two other pieces the whole puzzle locks up.

This assembly is particularly attractive and is possibly how I will store it long term. Then ten seconds later I had the whole hanayama quartet solution solved.

One that hanayama quartet solution my eye was the two pieces that have the imprints on them were in the same plane as each other rather than being perpendicular. This meant it could move this bit more freely than the others.

If hanayama quartet solution did you also do that blind? I have managed to do it several times now and still get a kick out of it hanayama quartet solution it is still so difficult. What a tremendous sense of achievement!!

There are two approaches to this puzzle and I challenge you to both! Anonymous 6 October at Saturday, 2 February Hanayama Cast Quartet. Therefore I recruited some help from Youtube.