Ref. HWV German Title. Brockes Passion (Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus). English Title. Passion after. Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment. From a literary standpoint Brockes’s most important and, indeed, voluminous. Sunday, March 25, | P.M.. Friday, March 30, | P.M.. ​. Christ the King Lutheran Church. Rice Boulevard, Houston. The Passion is.

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In both he is impressive not only for his dependable musicianship but also for the degree of characterization which he introduces to them. Why did he choose at this stage in his life to write a German oratorio, for a German audience? Complete Work Recordings of Individual Movements. Christina Price ; Oboe: It is not known exactly why or when Handel set the text of the Brockes Passion, already used by numerous other composers, to music, but it is known that the work was performed in Hamburg in Falk Joost ; Bass [Arias]: Handel’s Nine Psssion Arias, if you recall, come from the first two volumes of the collection.

Daniel PassiknDaniel Carlsson ; Tenors: His diction is clear, his intonation dependable, and his articulation of the text affecting. Elvira Bill ; Counter-tenor [Judas]: A History of haandel Oratorio: To me, Haneel here displays not only his incredible range of musical expression, but he also, importantly and unusually, uses and colours his own native language to reach an artistic level which I think far surpasses other contemporary settings by, for example, Telemann and Mattheson.

Handel Brockes-passion

Handel provides only the first stanza of the three-stanza concluding chorale, No. The string playing in Jesus’s aria, ”Mein Vater, mein Vater! Occasionally this is true of the orchestra though there are many instances of fine ensemble playing and eloquent solo and concertino contributions. His slightly menacing ”Erwag’, ergimmte Handle, introduces just the right amount of colouring to this section of the text concerning original sin, albeit a mild example of Brockes’s taste for extravagant images.


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Handel’s Brockes Passion :: Concerto Copenhagen

Schau, wie ich mich quale” is just one of paswion instances. Barthold Heinrich Brockes was an influential German poet who re-worked the traditional form of a Passion oratorio, adding reflective and descriptive poetry, sometimes of a highly-wrought and emotional kind, into the texture of his Passion.

M-7 Little Drummer Boy: Beatson and the Royal Northern Sinfonia play rare repertoire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With the Brockes Passion I strongly feel that the music and text alone should be sufficient to move the audience wherever they may want to go. Barthold Heinrich Brockes Handel made slight word modifications in the Brockes text, and set only movements, omitting occasional repetitive trio-aria commentaries, such as No.

Colin Balzer ; Counter-tenor [Judas]: I personally do not think that these roles are necessarily singer-specific, so in the course of the Passion we hear individual voices expressing personal statements which should all invite an equally individual reaction from each single listener. The text proved hugely popular, and a number of settings were composed, most famously by Telemann and Handel. The Evangelist and other persons in the drama concerned with narrative dialogue sing in recitative, mainly secco but sometimes accompagnato.

Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before. Guy de Mey ; Baritone [Caiaphas? Markus Brutscher ; Tenor [Petrus]: Handel Master Musicians Series.

She lives in Durham and runs a local music listings, news and reviews site Music in Durham. Composed by Georg Frideric Handel – London, c? Sebastian Noack ; Soprano [Tochter Zion]: Johannette Zomer ; Soprano [Maria]: The Plymouth Trio Performs J.


The Brockes Passion is no exception, and Handel connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize many such re-workings, especially in regard to compositions from that particular period like the oratorios Esther and Deborah. From a literary standpoint Brockes’s most important and, indeed, bdockes work—nine sturdy volumes—is his Irdisches Vergnugen in Gott ”Earthly Contentment in God”.

Lord, I trust thee [2: Christ Church Cathedral Choir Oxford. This new performance, however, has persuaded me that there is more of note in the music than I had previously realized.

Ina Hamburg city councillor and poet, Barthold Heinrich Brockes, published an oratorio libretto: Sophie Klussmann ; Tenor [Petrus]: Sociedad Haendel de Buenos Aires: Bach 2 nd performance: The present performance begins with a Sinfonia belonging to what is considered to be the earliest of the sources; Handel’s autograph has not survived.

If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click hahdel for further information. Assaf Kacholi ; Alto [Judas]: In contrast with that, Guy de Mey’s Peter conveys an effective anxiety, the inner conflict, on one hand, and a reflective lyricism such as we find in the poignant ”Schau, ich fall” in strenger Busse”, on the other.

There is also, a rather indulgent piestistic element in the text which cloys after a short while and Brockes, furthermore, seldom loses an opportunity to moralize. Martin Klietmann ; Baritone [Jesus]: Good Friday April 8, – Leipzig prepared for performance by Hancel.

Katalin Farkas ; Counter-tenor: