I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘The Turning Point’. This welcome hexagram signifies a return to joy, intimacy, passion and. Archetype Returning. CR P02 C24 A Then Jesus said, “There was a man who had two sons. The younger of them said to his father, ‘Father, give me the. So both hexagrams are part of the work of making things possible: clearing and renewing the space that sustains limitless growth. In Hexagram 24, a single yang .

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Friends arrive without blame. Renounce your claim to action and return to the Work. Turning back before having gone too far is a means of self-discipline. This is unfortunate because you were quite capable of recognizing the need for reform.

For example, a problem which others have not integrated, that they keep pushing on you. Trust your decisions and don’t judge someone else’s decisions. Progress and freedom of action are found in Return.

Changes to 51 Shocking. There will be advantage to have an undertaking. The moment of the year when light begins its Return is also the moment when the days are shortest and the light most remote.


I Ching Hexagram 24 – Fu (Return) | Cafe au Soul

Attentive return; no regret. Any evil issue may be prevented by caution and awareness of danger. You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries hexayrama be round.

But change is eternal, and here we see the beginnings of recovery from the former situation. Translations — Reviews of a great many authentic I Ching translations. This middle line of the upper trigram implies critical self-examination. It is a difficult decision to go your own way, even when it means abandoning friends. The concept behind it is the acknowledgment of one’s Source, a review of the past cycle and a meditation upon the new cycle just beginning.

Thunder hhexagrama the earth: There are patterns or cycles in your life that become apparent during a time of Return. Take a deep and long breath. Comes through humble benevolence. Max Kaltenmark — Lao Tzu and Taoism Seven days is one-quarter of a lunar cycle and the module upon which a week is based. Your current milieu is inferior.

The Work is recycled, perfected and refined over and over again. Changes to 3 Difficult Beginnings. You return because of a crisis and while it may take a few attempts to finally settle, your decision is correct.


Those who are honest with themselves rise to the occasion in moments of great importance.

24, Returning | I Ching with Clarity

There will be calamities. In an inner sense, this can refer to conflicting emotions and the correct way to deal with them. To and fro goes the way. The seventh day coming: I Ching reading service — Individual help through Yijing readings: Do we not see in Hhexagrama the mind of heaven and earth?

Hence the portent of this line is not necessarily a foregone conclusion. The image suggests a vacillation of willpower. This welcome hexagram signifies a hedagrama to joy, intimacy, passion and purpose. The meaning of the line is derived from its allegiance to line number one. Failure can be the result of your lack of commitment.

Thus did the kings of yore shut the gates on the winter solstice; caravans did not travel, the ruler did not inspect the regions.

Losing Return in bewilderment will be foreboding.

24, Returning

Culminating tending-towards ten years- revolved not controlling chastisement. Changes to 27 Nourishing Vision.

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