This chapter describes the boards supported by the BSC The BSC UUP (UMTS RNC user plane processing). -. -. 2 GE. 2 GE. Home/Groups/Wireless Network Info Community. BSC e BSC RNC in Pool. Armetta Diamond (1) 4 years 6 months ago View: Reply: 0. Comment. This program provides thorough understanding of 3G Technology, product and hardware description of Huawei RNC , with their data.

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Prerequisite l The BSC and the base stations are physically connected, and the hardware installation acceptance is passed.

Step 2 Preparing the USB disk 1. No board related fault alarm Go to step 8. The value of Optical port state is Available.

BSC Boards and its funtion-Core Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

Help Center Find new research papers in: If the status remains abnormal, go to step 4. The value of BC Service State is available.

Board status of other boards of Replace the faulty board and then reload the data to the same type is Normal, the new board. Logging in to the OMU remotely, run the ping command to check whether the network connectivity between the BSC and the M is available.

Table lists communication ports used by the rnd of the Huawel Step 3 Check the power supply to the cabinet components, as listed in Table If the value of the Port running state is Port is down, see the Under the Finished Tasks node of the navigation tree, click the executed task.


Step 3 View the result of the NE health check. For details, see the NE creating-related parts in M documents. Requirements for Commissioning the Network To ensure smooth verification of the Abis, Ater, A, and Gb interfaces, the network equipment huawdi the commissioning network must meet the following requirements: If the value of Link Availability Status is Unavailable, check the huadei of the Ethernet cable and check whether the peer Ethernet port is enabled.

Procedure l When the data link layer of the Lb interface is carried on the Abis interface board, verify the Lb interface in the same way as for the Abis interface.

Select the prepared MML command script, and then click Open. If they are inconsistent, modify the configuration according to the physical OML connection. One item is selected.

Huawei 3G RNC/2G BSC 6900 – (5-Days)

Check whether the Subnet No. Step 3 Double-click the alarm to be handled in the fault tab page. Set Health Check Period in the displayed dialog box, and then click Finish.

Compared with issue 05this issue incorporates the following changes: If the value of Optical port state is not normal, check the alarms related to the optical port and rectify the fault according to the alarm handling suggestion.

The State of many timeslots is Idle, and there is no timeslot with the State of Failure. The system runs the MML commands one by one. NOTE The scenario name must be different from existing scenario names. Type cmd, and then click OK. The actual link huzwei of the ports on the SCUa boards are displayed in the returned result.


Bsc6900 UMTS/GSM Bsc Rnc 6900 Rnc6900

The M is operational. In this case, install JRE according to the prompt message on the screen. If multiple base stations are connected, repeat the operations. Convention Description Boldface The keywords of a command line are in boldface. Step 15 Run the ps -afx command to check the operating status of the OMU. Prerequisite l The preparations for installing software on site rnd complete.

For are in normal state, details, see The value of Link Status is Normal. You can shield these alarms by setting the maintenance mode of the NE to be in Install mode. Logging in to the OMU remotely, run the ping command to check whether the network connectivity between the BSC and the router is available.

Context For the commissioning of the base station, see the commissioning guide of the base station. In this case, type D and then press Enter to open the reg. A dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Note that the user name or password may be modified.

This document provides guidelines for commissioning the BSC The OML is functional, Go to step 7.