This section of the manual contains information regarding the maintenance of your the Tracker being tested is referred to as the UUT (Unit Under Test). You use a Tracker while the power to the cir- The Huntron Tracker is ideal for troubleshooting Manual or AutoScan. High Range Lockout. HUNTRON INSTRUMENTS, INC. TRACKERĀ® OPERATOR MANUAL. OCTOBER P/N Huntron and TrackerĀ® are registered trademarks.

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Oct 23, 1. You must log in or register to reply here. While Huntron does sell testing systems the Huntron Trackers are not. I guess if you lower the current enough and have enough adjustment, then the tracer would be great for tracing shorts? Dec 28, 4. The Huntron Tracker was the longtime mainstay of the Huntron benchtop product line. Dec 29, That is not their real strength and what they are primarily designed and to be used for.

I thought the huntron tracker is a curve tracker. So do you guys know about these signature How do you know when you got defective signatures and a bad component yracker They are not a testing system.

A good curve tracer does a hell of a lot more. Can’t I just use a AC power supply, 6.

Huntron Tracker A Component Tester Analyzer

I found it somewhat easier than trying to mmanual all the necessary test points on a PC board’s artwork so I could trace a signal through it from input to output. Is there a Cookbook of all the signature typespictures of the signatures?


It does come huhtron the manual. Dec 29, 9. At the time being i am more troubled with locating bad capacitors on a board without having to remove them first. It’s a specialized instrument and has such has a limited market so time and patience is the key to getting a good price for it.

Power-off PCB Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Tools

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Rseries and Rshunt are model variables. Reading the manual won’t tracked either. Good approximations come from mabual slope around zero volts and the slope at a high forward bias like about 1V. Huntron trackers are especially useful for troubleshooting a board where no schematic is available but a known good board is.

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Welcome to the gang, Dangie, good luck with it. Oct 27, 6.

The nice thing about building an octopus and then moving along to a fancy version is you get a good visual representation of what is going on and gain a good understanding of things. They have been in business since the ‘s.

We know for example what a Zener Diode does but when we see the actual curve plotted it becomes really cool. While the company will have the ability to test lets say a servo drive board for example time wise paying a technician to troubleshoot it without a schematic is a money losing proposal if a Huntron Tracker is not used. LED indicators for all functions. Similar Threads Huntron Tracker Dec 27, 2. Just like how you use a scope and mult-meter to look at signals and measure voltages to pinpoint the problem circuit and defective component, short or open you use a Huntron Tracker and do comparison analysis between a good board and bad board to do the same thing.


Given the crudeness of the technology and the age of the equipment, this instrument only has value as a museum display piece, and then only if you charge an admission fee to see it. You’ll need traker choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

Huntron Tracker – Circuit Analyzers

Then i have a choice, i can add a memory card to a pic and collect the data via serial on the tex, then download into matlab for graphing. Dec 27, 1. For high voltage caps there is also the issue of leakage under the specified voltage ratings.