The SEX is an S series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in It was initially produced in Korea and then later in Indonesia. There’s no way a guy who does a couple guitar setups every day of the year would do a better than someone will with instructions from the. For over 18 years, Ibanez RG guitars with Edge double locking sys- tems have been SEX MOF. • 3pc Wizard II Manually Adjustable Zero. Point System.

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When the guitar is properly adjusted, tighten the top lock pressure pad screws. If the intonation is still not correct repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. Tune the guitar to pitch and recheck the intonation.

Cut off the ball end of the new string above the string winding and insert the end of the string in between the main saddle and the String holder block. To adjust the string height of the saddles use a 1.

| Help & How To

If the 12th fret is flatter than the open note, the saddle needs to be moved forward. To replace ss520ex bushings, remove the bushings by spreading opening the bushing until it is removed.

The height adjustment of the tremolo can be set by using the two 4mm adjustment screws 2 on either side of the tremolo unit.

If the 12th fret harmonic is higher than the fretted note, the saddle needs to be moved forward. Height adjustment of the individual strings can be adjusted by useing a 1. Turn the notched wheel 4 To raise or lower the bridge. Different gauges of strings can result in the need for truss rod, tremolo, action or intonation adjustment. Play the harmonic at the 12th fret, compare it to the fretted noteat the 12th fret, these notes should read the same on the tuner.


The rotation torque of the arm can be adjusted by changing the number of bushings on the arm. The tremolo arm is placed in the hole in the bridge plate and inserted into the jbanez block.

Remove the tremolo cavity cover plate from the back of the body. Adjusting the intonation is performed by moving the individual string saddles forward or backward.

Raise or lower the tremolo to the desired string height using a 4mm allen wrench. Loosen the string by turning the tuner and then remove the string. Only loosen the screw enough to move the saddle.

Wind manul string around the tuning machine and tune to pitch. The truss rod is adjustable at the headstock using as allen wrench or an adjustment wrench. To further reduce the torque, remove both bushings. To change the strings angle adjust the two 2mm 6 screws on the highside of the bridge, chanding the pivot angle.

All lbanez guitars use A for a standard pitch.

Loosen the heigth adjustment screw 5 on both sides of the bridge using a 2 Phillips 2. Always loosen the Stud lock screws counter clockwise with a 1. To check the intonation: Loosen the pressure pad lock screws on the top lock with a 3mm allen wrench. Tighten the string stopper bolt.


Wiring Diagrams

On the bass plate there are two holes for each saddle lock down screw. The purpose of this is to accommodate for different tunings or different gauges of strings. Turn the Arm torqueadjustment nut turns counter clockwise. Tighten the String stopper Screw. If the 12th fret is sharper than the open note, the saddle needs to be moved back. Loosen the Saddle lack down screw 9 on the saddle to be adjusted with a 2mm allen wrench.

Wind the string around the tuning machine and tune to pitch 6. Cut off the ball end of the new string above the string winding and insert the end of the string in between the main saddle and the String holder block 4. Tighten the pressure pad screws. Tighten the Stud lock screw 3. Adjust the saddle forward or backward to the proper position and tighten the Saddlelock down screw 9. Both bushings should be completely hidden.

Solid Body Electric Guitars. To allow the arm to swing freely. To reduce the torque, remove one bushing on the lower side. Loosen the string stopper screw 8 by using a 3mm allen wrench remove the string from the saddle. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, turn the spring tension adjustment screw and adjust the length of the spring.