Summary of Inter Mirifica – Decree on the Means of Social Communication. By: Deacon Ed Shefffer. Inter Mirifica translated means Among the Wonderful. 22 Apr A summary of the Second Vatican Council’s Inter Mirifica. 15 Nov VATICAN CITY — Much has changed in the world of social communications since the promulgation 50 years ago of Inter Mirifica (The Means of.

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Paulist Press, It should disseminate and properly explain news concerning the life of the Church. Special obligations rest on them in consequence. Those who are at the receiving end of the intee, and especially the young, should learn moderation and discipline in their use of them.

Those who receive the means of social communication differ in age and culture. By using these helps they will experience no harm and, like salt and light, they will give savor to the earth and brighten the world. This should be done in Catholic schools at every level, in seminaries and in lay apostolate groups. An effective national apostolate requires acceptance mirkfica a common objective and the unification of effort.

Moreover, that the varied apostolates of the Church with respect to the media of social communication may be strengthened effectively, each year in every diocese of the world, by the determination of the Bishops, there should be celebrated a day on which the faithful are instructed in their responsibilities in this regard.

It alone is superior to and is capable of harmonizing all forms of human activity, not excepting art, no matter how noble in themselves.

In this conceptualization, we avoid the socially destructive and libertine consequences of a Lockean notion of freedom as an individual entitlement to be itner by society. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Council Fathers, however, willingly grant the wish of the Secretariat for the Press and Entertainments and respectfully request the Supreme Pontiff to extend the duties and competence of this office to all the media of social communications, including the press and to appoint experts to it, including laymen, from various countries.


The proper exercise of this right demands that the content of the communication be true and-within the limits set by justice and charity-complete. Civil authorities have particular responsibilities in this field because of the common good, toward which these media are oriented.

Its impact may be such that people, especially if they are insufficiently prepared, will only with difficulty advert to it, control it, or if need be, reject it. We encourage mirufica lively and honest discussion of our content.

December 4, was certainly a new day with regard to the Church and the media. Lastly, the same public authority, which legitimately concerns itself with the health of the citizenry, is obliged, through the promulgation and careful enforcement of laws, mitifica exercise a fitting and careful watch lest grave damage befall public morals and the welfare of society through the base use of these media.


Thus, they will not suffer damage as they use the media. Retrieved 18 May They should also take into account the circumstances in which the content is communicated – the purpose, that is to say, the people, the place, the time, etc.

National projects should, consequently, cooperate with each other at international level. Though his thoughts are generally unimpressive, he still seeks to write and understand truth. For a proper choice demands that they fully favor those presentations that are outstanding for their moral goodness, integ knowledge and their artistic or technical merit.

It is certainly far from universally and effectively implemented, however. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Summary of Inter Mirifica

Freedom of information, especially that of the press, is made necessary in order to act for social and political good. The vote on November 25, expressed this concern, as it garnered the highest number of negative votes of any proposed Conciliar Document: May 15, There need not miirifica a Catholic mega-site, but there could be an identifiably named network of sites, in analogy with some of the top news aggregators.

Moreover, the Fathers of the Council, freely acceding to the wish of the “Secretariat for the Supervision of Publications and Entertainment,” reverently request that the Sovereign Pontiff extend the duties and competence of this office to include all media of social communication, mirifca the press, and that experts from various countries be named to it, including laymen.

It is, therefore, an inherent right of the Church to have at its disposal and to employ any of these media insofar as they are necessary or useful for the instruction of Christians and all its efforts for the welfare of souls. They must look, then, to the nature of what intwr communicated, given the special character of each of these media. Retrieved from ” https: Articles midifica Latin-language text. All the children of the Church should join, without delay and with the greatest effort in a common work to make effective use of the media of social communication in various apostolic endeavors, as circumstances iinter conditions demand.

Inter Mirifica and the Changing World of Communication

The offices should also have on their staffs laymen who are qualified in Catholic teaching and technically. And likewise, if man resolutely and faithfully upholds this order, he will be brought to the attainment of complete perfection and happiness. It is also naive to portray audiences as perfectly free agents, given what we know about the power of suggestion in mass communication.

Finally, the civil authorities, which rightly regard the well-being of the citizens as their concern, are also bound to ensure, equitably and vigilantly, that public morality and social progress are not gravely endangered through the misuse of these media.

A special responsibility for the proper use of the means of social communication rests on journalists, writers, actors, designers, producers, exhibitors, distributors, operators, sellers, critics – all those, in a word, who are involved in the making and transmission of communications in any way whatever. Among these circumstances to be considered is the precise manner in which a given medium achieves its effect. Zane hopes this adage holds true for philosophy as well, for Zane will happily settle being a lousy writer and a poor philosopher until the day he dies.


Summary of Inter Mirifica | Freedom’s Discourse

This proposal was heartily approved with 2, Fathers voting in favour, only 15 against, and 7 abstentions. The Icon of Virgin of Kazan: Notably, the Council includes even critics among those chiefly responsible for the moral content of artistic mass media. The first question has to do with “information,” as it is called, or the search for and reporting of the news. For this purpose, the number of school faculties and institutes should be increased, where newsmen, writers for screen, radio and television and all other interested parties can obtain a sound training that is imbued with the Christian spirit, especially with respect to the social teaching of the Church.

So, on the one hand they must be careful about what TV, Web sites, books and games their children use, and on the other, they must not let them have even a steady diet of even safe media, as even the means themselves contain some inherent dangers.

Public opinion exercises enormous influence nowadays over the lives, private or public, of all citizens, no matter what their intre in life. They ought, however, to void those that may be a cause or occasion of spiritual harm to themselves, or that can lead others into danger through base example, or that hinder desirable presentations and promote imter that are evil. The same authority has, in virtue of its office, the duty of protecting and safeguarding true and just freedom of information, a freedom that is innter necessary for the welfare of contemporary society, especially when it is a question of freedom of the press.

This seems to me to be a lapse into the prevailing secular model that all opinions are equal.

The emphasis that responsibility for moral content lies primarily on the side of suppliers, not consumers, requires a certain degree of coordination on the part of the former, since they must act not solely out of individual professional interest, but for the common good. The Second Vatican Council itself was a major media event in which communications played a deeply significant, if possibly negative, role so important in fact, that some maintain it was hijacked by media outlets intent on interpreting the Council according to their own anti-Catholic biases — a development, they argue, from which the Church has never fully recovered.