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ajd So the concept of justice in Islam does not only refer to reladonal situadons of harmony and equi- librium exisdng between one person and another, or bet- ween the society and the state, ielam between the ruler and the i uled, or islam and secularism al attas the king and his subjects, but far more piofoundly and fundamentally so it refers in a primary way to the harmonious and rightly-balanced relationship exis- dng between the man and his self, and in a secondary way only to such as exists between him and another or others, between him and his fellow men and ruler and artas and 76 state and society.

In this interpretation they laid islam and secularism al attas on man and his place in the universe. Finally, the author ends the book with solutions in the final chapter — The Dewesternization of Knowledge.

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Full text of “Islam And Secularism Al Attas”

Salah satu buku yang lengkap islam and secularism al attas tegas dalam menyikapi sekularisme, tanpa meninggalkan identitas sebagai seorang muslim yang hanif. Their emergence is conditional not merely upon physical struggle, but more upon the achievement of true knowledge, confidence and boldness of vision that is able to create great changes in history. Tire division in the obligatory quest for knowledge into two categories is itself a procedure of doing justice to knowledge and to the man who seeks it, for all of the knowledge of Lhe prerequisites of the first knowledge is good for man, whereas not all of the knowledge islam and secularism al attas the second kind is good for him, for the man who seeks ssecularism latter knowledge, which would bear considerable influence in determining his secular role and position as a citizen, might not necessarily be a seculzrism man.

He points to Islamic metaphysics secjlarism shows that Reality is composed of both permanence and change; the underlying permanent aspects of the external world are perpetually undergoing change [Islam and Secularism, p.

It realized the true universal religion as it addressed the whole mankind and forged a firm attax of brotherhood among members if multiracial community. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Islam and Secularism / Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas

But God is ever attws The rejecters of Faith! When it became apparent to me that islam and secularism al attas was betraying the trust 1 put in him concerning authorship of the seminal ideas contained in the book, and sensing his intention to make use of them himself, I subsequently had the book published here in Kuala Lumpur in I really need this book.


Persoalan kepada asas islam and secularism al attas tadi was due to the secularization of knowledge by the West yang akhirnya tiada link between knowledge dengan Man inn Islam and secularism. Already in a early half of 19th century the French philosopher-sociologist, Auguste Comte, envisaged the rise of science and the overthrow of religion.

Islam and Secularism: Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas: : Books

The fact that Christianity also had no Revealed Law shan’ah expressed in the teachings, sayings and model actions i. Yea, enter thou My Heaven!

They have also implied that every ism is ideology. Quotes from Islam and Secularism. Great etymological discussion of adab and madina.

The weakening of the Muslim world which was caused primarily by internal elements signaled as a boon for the western world.

And as such they constitute a continuing threat to the Muslim Community in its welfare and right guidance. The concept mamluk, however, conveys the implic it fact of ownership bv the one who takes his service. One was the dissolution of the cultural unity of the Mediterranean basin, which had for centuries moulded the way of life of the peoples of the surrounding regions; the other was the consequent shift in the axis of Western Christian life from Rome to the North centered around Aix la Chapelle where the new Caroling- ian dynasty had assumed power and temporal leadership of Western civilization.

It is the fruits of secularizing philosophy and 36 37 science, which were altogether alien to the soil of true Christianity, which islam and secularism al attas led Western man to believe in human evolution and historicity. In this sense it means return to the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim upon whom be Peace! This nurtured in al-Attas islam and secularism al attas exquisite style and precise vocabulary that were unique to his Malay writings and language.

When a society bases its philosophy of life upon secular foundations and espouses materialistic values to live by, it inevitably follows that the meaning and value and quality of life of the individual citizen therein is interpreted and mea- sured in terms of his position as a citizen; his occupation and use and working and earning power islam and secularism al attas relation to the 92 93 staLe.

Prof Al-Attas has contributed for the rebuilding of the ummah, with special emphasis on the dewesternization of knowledge.

It is within the framework of this metaphysics that the philosophy of science must be formulated. He was exposed to Malay literature, history, religion, and western classics in English, and in a cultured social atmosphere developed a keen aesthetic sensitivity. This work deals with fundamental problems faced by contemporary Muslims and provides real solutions. Neither the state nor the society are for him real and true objects of his islam and secularism al attas and obedience, for to him they are not the prerogatives of state and society to the extent that such conduct is due to them as their right; and if he in an Islamic state and society lives and strives for the good of the state and the society, it is only because the society composed of individual men of Islam and the state organized by them set the same Islamic end and purpose as their goal — otherwise he is obliged to oppose the state and strive to correct the errant society and remind them of their true aim in life.


Thus knowledge of the cause, or causes, of the dilemma in which we find ourselves today is itself a partial solution to the problem. Islam and secularism al attas, and according to the development of thought flowing from Christian Aristotelianism, which some would prefer to refer to more properly as Aristotelian Christianity, the unknowability of God, of His Existence, and of other metaphysical notions about reality and truth was finally established islam and secularism al attas the West in the 18th century by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

Islam and Secularism by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas

We observed earlier that Western theologians have made a distinction which appears to them as significant between secularization and secularism, where secularism is a name denoting not a process, but a crystallization, as it were, of islam and secularism al attas process of secularization into a particular and distinct form, an ideology.

Perkembangannya tidak dibimbing oleh suatu prinsip yang akhir dan tujuan yang jelas, kecuali oleh prinsip nisbi yang mendorong mengejar ilmu tanpa henti dan tujuan yang jelas. By virtue of the fact that what is brought near — the world — surrounds us, as it were, and overwhelms us, it is bound to distract us from conscious- ness of our final destination which is beyond it, what comes after it: The real man can only in fact be his rational soul. Sekularisme yang memisahkan roh dan jasmani secara tidak langsung melahirkan fahaman materialisme, iaitu fahaman yang mementingkan kebendaan semata-mata.

Discover why religions sometimes war. He traveled widely, drawn especially to Spain islam and secularism al attas North Africa where Islamic heritage had a profound influence on him.

Since according to Parmenides thought and being are identical, and being is that which fills space, it follows that in the correspondence theory of truth a proposition or an uttered thought or meaning is true only if Lhere is a fact to which it corres- ponds.

From the book itself, I have learned islam and secularism al attas secularism stemmed from the nature of Christianity. Al-Attas advocates that the categories of knowledge which were fundamental to the Islamic tradition are fundamental to any real modern education.