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Buy EN ISO from SAI Global. EN ISO Comite Europeen de Normalisation. Most Recent Superseded. EN , Metal-arc welding with covered electrode, gas-shielded metal-arc EN ISO , Welding — Guidance for the measurement of. Table ISO STANDARDS RELATING TO WELDING, BRAZING AND for steel (Incorporated in BS EN ISO ) Electric resistance and induction .

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Piedmont CMG combines 40 years of experience in diverse contract manufacturing services with a customer focused environment.

Customer satisfaction is achieved through responsiveness, reliability, training, and 29629 to excellence.

BS EN 29692:1994, ISO 9692:1992

These focused qualities and experience provide a platform for CMG to participate in Web based forecast systems and lean inventory programs.

CMG has been on the cutting edge of these programs 26992 currently participates at a strategic level in a diverse group of customer defined programs. Customer Expectations are extensively documented and defined within a team focused Visual Work Instruction program.

Electronic scheduling provides real time visibility to order status, progress, and completion. Real time data collection assesses quality, quantity, and efficiency.


Dashboard communications contribute to employee awareness and direct customer feedback.

Fonte da Moura Metalwolking – Quality / Certifications

The main highlights of the audit were the clean and organized 2692, well defined manufacturing process, command and control center, and the oso work instructions. The team demonstrated proficiency in all areas audited, with a strong quality system and dedication to quality. In conclusion, there were no observations or reasons for concern found during the audit. In addition, internal audits are regularly performed to assess performance, conformance, and consistency.

Customer monthly performance reports provide feedback and maintain visibility. Prospective customers are welcome to visit and perform an assessment. Internal audits are regularly performed to assess performance, conformance, and consistency.

CMG self-assessments are available upon request and will provide details on the systems, methods, and procedures that are in place for your advanced review.

Please call and ask questions. The more that you know about CMG-formal audits may not be required. CMG has two plants located within four miles of each other. Each site has its focus and specialization.


Contact us directly by phone and email. Each call is taken with personal and professional service by a team member. All inquiries, requests, questions, and contacts are handled promptly by a customer focused team.

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