Preferred Scientific Name; Jatropha gossypiifolia .. IATGO (Jatropha gossypifolia) The genus Jatropha belongs to the tribe Jatrophieae of. Flowering class: Dicot Habit: Shrub Distribution notes: Exotic. Jatropha gossypifolia is used in folkloric system to manage emesis and gastrointestinal motility disorders such as constipation and diarrhea. The present study.

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Anti-hypertensive effects of an aqueous extract from Jatropha gossypiifolia Euphorbiaceae on the arterial pression of mammals. Dehgan B, Webster GL, In Australia, it grows equally well in saline and non-saline soils but seems to prefer sandy loams Csurhes, Database inventory of introduced plant species in the rural and urban zones of Galapagos.

Africa counts 70 native species and Madagascar has 1 endemic. Curcin is similar to ricin, the toxic protein of castor oil plant Ricinus yossypifolia.

Jatropha gossypifolia | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Gossypifolia, Fisheries and Forestry Queensland Government. Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Shrubs, purplish green and glandular hairy on younger parts. This can be a means of depleting the seed bank more quickly, provided regrowth is controlled before it reaches reproductive maturity Campbell and Grice, Those that survived were generally smaller plants that escaped being ripped out Bebawi et al.

Pasture weeds of the tropics and subtropics with special reference to Australia. Descriptive flora of Gosypifolia Rico and adjacent islands. The anticoagulant effect of the extract was found to be comparable to that of dipotassium ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. In a competition trial in the dry tropics of north Gossypifooia, J.

Animal and weed pests of Cape York Peninsula. Propagation and planting Jatropha gossypiifolia can be propagated by seed and rhizome or stem cuttings. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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Is Jatropha gossypiifolia the next Mimosa pigra? Title Bellyache bush seedlings Caption Bellyache bush seedlings emerging from seeds deposited in ant middens. Seed production of J.

Jatropha gossypiifolia – Wikipedia

In north Glssypifolia, an average of 17 and 20 leaves per stem have been recorded during the wet season November—April on plants growing within sub-riparian and riparian habitats, respectively Bebawi et al. Meat ants appear to feed on the caruncle and exotegmen of J. Quarterly Journal of Crude Drug Research, Additionally, to the best of our knowledge, there are no phytochemical studies regarding the use of water as solvent for the extraction of J.

The crude extract and, to a higher extent, the chloroformic fraction reduced the calcium-evoked contractile response of the uterine smooth muscle, promoting a rightward displacement of calcium cumulative curves, as well as reducing the maximal contractions [ ]. Derivatives of the diterpene jatrophone were also isolated from roots of J. Furthermore, jatrophone and jatropholone A and B from the roots were tested against the snail Biomphalaria glabrata. Technology Biodiversity in India.

Hives of the stingless bee Trigona carbonaria were successfully used to pollinate J. Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, pp. To receive news and publication updates for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, enter your email address in the box below. Falodone was isolated from methanol extract from roots and showed gossypofolia proliferation inhibitory activity against A human cancer cell line [ 13 ].

In drier regions of West Africa, J.

India Biodiversity Portal

Gossypifolia is suitable as a protein precipitant for creatinine, CSF and urinary protein estimations. A Jatropha fruit are three-celled with one seed per cell and is the common red species planted around houses with some goswypifolia therapeutic qualities. The authors also discuss the close relationship between the hepatoprotective action observed and the possible antioxidant mechanism present in the extracts.


Terre Vie Undesirable plants in Cuban crops. To date, the seed feeding jewel bug, Agonosoma trilineatum Scutelleridae is jatrophw only agent approved for release in Australia against J.

Description Much-branched, deciduous, somewhat succulent, monoecious shrub up to 3 m tall; rhizome thick, with orange-pink to brownish sap; bark smooth, green, peeling off in thin grey layers; stem and young leaves dark purple, glabrous. The chloroform and aqueous fractions were obtained and it was observed that only the chloroform fraction of the extract had a calcium-antagonist effect, whereas both chloroformic and aqueous fractions had anticholinergic effect, suggesting that the antispasmodic effect of J.

The ratio of male to female flowers is on average The latex is released from the aerial parts of the plant by mechanical injury and it is extremely caustic and irritating to skin and mucous membranes. Similarly, during a simulated slashing trial most off-cuts of J. In Peru the leaves and latex are used to treat abscesses, tonsillitis, asthma, diarrhoea, toothache, fever, gingivitis, fungal skin infections, inflammations, burns and coughs Pinedo et al.

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Jatropha gossypiifolia

Of these, floodwater is considered most important within catchments and humans are recognized as the main dispersers of J. Thorp JR, Lynch R, Saidi Reddy, and B. The biology and management of Jatropha gossypiifolia: Queensland Herbarium, Queensland Government, unpaginated. As demonstrated by this review, J. Constituents of the seeds of Jatropha gossypiifolia. The jahropha activity of extracts from J.