The Ending of Time has ratings and 26 reviews. Timothy said: Dialogs between David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, enjoyable and provoking on the nature of. KRISHNAMURTI: How shall we start? I would like to ask if humanity has taken a wrong turn. DAVID BOHM: A wrong turn? Well it must have done so, a long time. The Ending of Time Chapter 11 18th September Conversation with Prof. David Bohm ‘The Ending of `psychological’ Knowledge’. KRISHNAMURTI: What.

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The Ending of Time

The message that when you no longer allow your thoughts to reign supreme a transformation will take place. Somebody might argue with you about that and say that maybe you are not challenged with something. The Communists have said, give up the past, we are going to change endng future.

Don’t have a Kindle? Knowledge itself tries to find what is permanent and perfect. May 10, Leif Persson rated it it was amazing.

Is it possible for, say, the ordinary man to have this perception? You can’t go into a laboratory and prove that love is love. An interesting discussion about the source of human misery. That is the way the word arose. Feb 10, Vikram X rated it liked it.


Also doubts and uncertainties, and having to take some kind of action which you will regret at the end. Now there is something that has occurred to me. Or would you say rather that to find out what is attention, we should discuss what is inattention?

So we come to that point that we discussed earlier; what then is meditation? Please read the wholeness and the implicate order too by Bohm jidxu understand the philosophy of quantum theory. After reading a book like this, I believe they are illusory, yet they still feel so very real. I mean, even independent of any of us.

I’m an oddball myself, and if someone poses the question and I have krishnammurti answer honestly I would have to fess up that I do believe parts of fantasy and science fiction are real. What is our struggle and how does time fit into our notions of end gaining?

The Ending of Time by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Some interesting questions posed but no actual progression of the exploration of those questions. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. So how do we solve this problem? Suppose someone has this peculiar compassion, how can he communicate it Lo me, if I am living in pleasure and all that? You say the mind is disentangling itself from time, and also really disentangling the brain from time?


The ending of time comes when we realize that time cannot end. You see, sensations are connected with the body. I feel that attention is the real solution to all this – a mind which is really attentive, which has understood the nature of inattention and moves away from it!

Then what is left? Only managed half way through this before giving up. When insight is discussed, there is the danger of our making an abstraction of it; which means we move away from the fact, and the abstraction becomes all important.

Are we getting anywhere? Aug 07, Persephone Abbott rated it it was ok. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. So all that is a movement in which there is no attention.

In a sentence we certainly reach a different conclusion if we move the words around.

It seems like it. I imagine that perhaps I have missed something, but I feel an opportunity was missed to add to the conversation. That is an easy escape but it means nothing.