Overqualified is an art project by Canadian writer Joey Comeau in which he wrote a series of cover letters as job applications to companies. The letters were . Overqualified Joey Comeau. ECW Press. 96 pp, $ “No tricks,” Raymond Carver famously advised, to which I always wanted to respond. Overqualified’s cover letters are like a slap in the face, but the slap is Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics “Joey Comeau’s Overqualified is Judy Blume s Are You .

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Not to mention sweetly written, bitter and bitterly funny. Also I like that it’s called Overqualified and not Underqualified.

A real story unfolds in these pages, about a departed brother and the sibling left behind. Many of the cover letters were actually sent to the companies, in a bit of guerrilla literacy, and some of these have been edited and appear within the book.

The obsessive nostalgia and regret mixed with hints comaeu the present where nothing is going quite ri A book hasn’t hit me this hard in the gut in a while. Like a lot of people I know Comeau’s work from A Softer World, and I’d always meant to get around to reading Overqualified after seeing some bits of it on the site years ago.

Make These Machines Mean: Overqualified by Joey Comeau

I think the idea was good, but it could have been executed much better–the funny parts weren’t all that funny and the sad parts weren’t all that sad. I overqualiified to apologize for the bluntness of this cover letter. A story in the form of text messages?


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Single sentences had the power to change the tone of an entire page. Write a customer review. And then one day a car comes out of nowhere, and suddenly everything changes and you don’t know if he’ll ever wake up. Comeau gets things off his chest and shares some great ideas that will never happen like this one in his letter to Nintendo: You talk about your childhood and your sexual fantasies.

It should be very difficult to find a job.

It’s pretty affecting, honestly, and it’s a super short book too so if you don’t like it then you won’t have wasted too much time and also you’ll be wrong He started off enthusiastically and then trailed off quietly on the first “titties. I remember Overqualifieed telling me about sitting quietly in the car, my grandfather crying, cojeau they waited for the ambulance.

Review by Barrett Hathcock — Published on March 1, While [this] protagonist in is just as unhinged as his predecessors, he’s significantly less giddy.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Like they are there for you, just outside your grasp, but there nonetheless. These letters are so much more than a jab at a silly professional custom, together they weave a delicate and haunting story of love and loss.

Read an interview I did at Bookslut about the book.


Bookslut | Overqualified by Joey Comeau

For some reason, however, I think the body of work isn’t cohesive enough. Sometimes just because the the name and the job seem pleasingly silly and any positive emotion like that — even a mad plan, even an objectively meaningless source — are worth pursuing. Its proper place, its desired place, is on the fiction shelves. Or at least resistant to objective review.

I hinted at this for a Christmas gift after spotting it on Tice’s list; skimming the back cover blurb, I thought it was going to be a Financial-Crisis-Era riff on The Lazlo Letterswhich my mom had a copy of growing up and which, like her, is silly and light in its sense of humor.

Overqualified is a great book, and its greatness makes it almost resistant to review. Comeau gets things off his chest and shares some great ideas that will never happen like this jooey in his letter to Nintendo:.

I wanted to play up my ability to write in English and three more languages, which, for an artist, is something unusual. Tragically read this book in a sitting and found myself crying out for more. To view it, click here.