I was captivated’ Fritz Leiber, ‘Julian May has woven a many-coloured tapestry of exotic adventure’ Roger Zelazny, ‘An amazing journey from. The Saga of Pliocene Exile is a series of science / speculative fiction books by Julian May, first published in the early s. It consists of four books: The Many Colored Land, The Golden Torc, The. Exiled beyond the time-portal into the world of six million years ago, the misfits of the 22nd century are enmeshed in the age-old war of two alien races.

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The Tanu use torcs to allow them to use their psychic powers.

The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc

Fortunately, he essentially will not reappear after the end of this book when somehow his wife is happy with him. Soon the Tanu would reign supreme. Nor I Sukeylove if you help. I am generally okay with authors doing terrible things to characters. This allows the Tanu a degree of control over them until they prove themselves trustworthy, at which point they may be given a gold torc. The Firvulag mostly live in mountains and caves, far away from the Tanu, and regard both humans and Tanu with disdain.

She drops the word almost every time Aiken is mentioned.

Several million years ago, two factions of a dimorphic alien race took shelter on the most compatible planet: The Tanu, the dominant exotic race due to their strong mental powers, continually battle their rivals and sister-race, the Firvulag, who lack the technology and mental powers of the Tanu. Nice details though subject to the revision of paleontology and anthropology with a good dollop of old Irish and Celtic myth chucked in for good measure. Comments My set of those books, a gift in or so, have a pretty rainbowy cover I always figured Aiken Drum had a big head and small body, hence looked like a tadpole — a polliwog.


Make of that what you will. These characters are followed until the beginning of the Grand Truce, after which we are reunited with our other intrepid time-travelers as they prepare to carry out the final phases of their revolution to free humankind from Tanu control. In the second book, the same group are drawn into ever more complicated intrigues and the fight for humanity begins.

All woven together well, never dragging and with a vein of humour running through. Love is almost never a powerful plot motivation. I want to truthfully be able to say I did read the series.

Many story lines take place in parallel and it is just waiting for the big clash to happen that seals the deal of the 2 books. I know, I know, this is sci-fi, not fantasy; but I still like to find myself wishing I could have a go with the superpowers or whatever.

May 25, Steph Willetts rated it it was amazing. These other planets came to be called ‘Daughter Worlds’, as in ‘the daughter worlds of Duat’.

Those humans who are metapsychically or aesthetically gifted are used by Tanu women who desire to have children. A gold torc makes a person with latent powers completely operant in those powers. Theirs is a much more politically driven story, as they maneuver goleen conniving of various factions that strive for dominance of the Many-Colored Land. And now the humans had made the Tanu s By A. A group sets out on the trip but find that another group of time travelers have beat them to their objective.

The list below is far from exhaustive. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. It will goldne to some fantasy readers, but more to sci-fi readers, I think.

Apr 24, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: Quotes from The Golden Torc: Sugoll, although often robed in a handsome illusory body, is the most hideous and terrifying of all the Howlers.


The human males are mqy allowed to refuse the sexual attentions of the Tanu. I enjoyed this series, taking the reader both back and forward in time. The Tanu lived in the open highlands and grew tall and lithe. Those key and anticipated glden where characters from different storylines confront one another or where the repercussions of one plot influence another were mostly missing.

Recommended to fans of fantasy who want a touch of science in their stories and who are interested in the idea of medieval aliens. Honour means different things to different cultures and May exploits those differences masterfully.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She seems longer lived than either the Tanu or Firvulag.

Saga of Pliocene Exile – Wikipedia

I wish I were slightly more knowledgeable about Catholic theology, too. Would have given it 5 stars if not for the slow start. Torcs control the populace and enhance physic power, creating a world of slav These are the first books I have read by this author and I absolutely loved it. The author of the novels, Julian May, prefers the term ‘metapsychic’ to the terms ‘psionic’ or ‘psychic’, which she considers mundane and un-evocative thus ‘Metapsychic’ powers are psychic abilities by another ggolden.

So, basically the premise rocks. Both by Sugoll’s own assertion and the attestation of the rest of the Howlers, Sugoll is first among the Howlers in all things — mental power, physical ability, and, most of all, physical deformity.