29 Aug “An item which fulfils all wishes”. Many people believe that a person’s wishes are fulfilled on reading this auspicious and holy book. Kalpa Sutra. The Kalpasutra (Book of Rituals) is the most important canonical text in Jain literature for the Svetambaras (white-clad), one of the two sects of Jainism. Jainism. 19 Jul Kalpasutra (कल्पसूत्र) is a Jain ancient text containing the biographies of the last two Jain Tirthankaras,Parshvanath and Mahavira.

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No part of this website can be copied or reproduced in any manner. Jinas are born into this caste. Arya Prabhava of the Katyayana gotra; 4. In that night in which the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was born, there was a divine lustre oriJinated by many descending and ascending gods and goddesses, and in the universe, resplendent with one light, the conflux of gods occasioned great confusion and noise.

Its yellow water was perfumed by lotuses opening in the rays of the morning sun; it abounded with swarms of kappasutra animals, and fed fishes. This Sutra contains detailed life histories and, from the midth century, was frequently illustrated with miniature painting.

When the moon was in conjunction with the asterism Visakha, he, after fasting kalpasuhra and a half days without drinking water, put on a divine robe, and together with three hundred men he tore out his hair, and leaving the house entered the state of houselessness.

Kalpasutra (Jainism)

This is the day we display 14 dreams of mother Trishla. He stayed the first chaturmasa in Asthikagrama, three in Champa and Pristichampa, 12 in Vaisali and Kalpasytra, 14 in Rajagraha and Nalanda, six in Mithila, two in Bhadrika, one in Alabhika, one in Panitabhumi, one in Sra-vasti and the last one in the town of Papa in king Hastipala’s chamber.


Arya Sivabhuti of the Kautsa gotra. These words have been summarized in two verses: He achieved liberation himself 12 years later. Its waters increased in all four directions, and raged with ever-changing and, moving, excessively high waves. And he viewed this whole continent Gambudvipa with his extensive knowledge called Avadhi.

Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Then she saw, coming down from the firmament, a garland charmingly interwoven with fresh Mandara flowers. Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari. He also visited the court of the Delhi Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Vidyadharagopala of the Kasyapa gotra, founder of the Vidyadhari Sakha, D: They are able to understand kxlpasutra teachings properly and can pass them on.

Contributed by Nalini Balbir. In religious terms, it usually refers to admitting sin or wrongdoing to at least one other person in a ritual.

The third part establishes rules for monastic conduct during the rainy season, which is an exceptional period in the life of mendicants. All records Only records with images Best quality records including image and detailed description.

Fifth Lecture In that night in which the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was born, there was a divine lustre oriJinated by many descending and ascending gods and goddesses, and in the universe, resplendent with one light, the conflux of gods occasioned great confusion and noise. The term ‘Jaina’ is also used although ‘Jain’ is more common. They have 9 treasures and 14 jewels they can use to conquer their enemies and become ‘universal monarchs’.

Austerities may be internal — mental — or external — physical. Frequently, monks perform physical austerities or undergo physical hardships in order to progress spiritually. According to A Dieter, the two manuscripts resemble in division of sections: The tradition of 24 Tirthankaras became established among the Jainas around the first or second century AD though its older roots are not denied.

Arya Tapasa, founder of the Aryatapasi Sakha, C. Arya Bhadra of the Kasyapa gotra. Then she saw an extremely beautiful and very large flag, a sight for all people, of a form attractive to the beholders.


I attended the National Union of Teachers conference this year was delighted to hear Seema speak up for groups kalppasutra are being negatively labelled, victimised and unfairly punished!

But the knowledge passed on is just a section of Kalpasutra. Thank u all,for popularising jainsim ,i wanted u al to answer my question that,why we do paryusan,and is it right that jainism had turned into no. In householders’ families which are converted, dcvoted, staunch adherers to the lawand honour, praise, and permit the visits of monksSthaviras, during the Paggusan, are not allowed to ask, ‘Sir, have you got such or Such a thing?

Kalpa Sūtra – Wikipedia

A monk who abstains from food altogether, is allowed to accept only one kind of drink: No book jacket, or homepage lead image use. When his fourfold Karman was exhausted and in this Avasarpini era a great part of the Duhshamasushama.

A member of the highest caste in Hinduism, the priests or brahmin s. Tattva things or realities and artha true nature. Dinna of the Gautama gotra, who had two disciples: Arya Datta Dinna of the Gautama gotra; Those are the small eggs. What is understood by small sprouts?

Arya Kalaka of the Gautama gotra. His symbolic colour is gold and his emblem the elephant. Mahavira is shown in the Pushpottara heaven, attended by demi-gods and demi-goddesses.

In that period, in that age the Venerable Ascetic Mahdvira commenced the Paggusan when a month and twenty nights of the rainy season had elapsed. Monk A kalpaustra who has taken a public vow to withdraw from ordinary life to formally enter religious life and advance spiritually.