The system also measures external temperature, humidity and pollution conditions. As far as styling is concerned, the Lancia Thesis is a hit because it speaks a new formal language. The front armchairs are supported by a sturdy central mount but look as though they are hanging in the air. No handbrake lever is fitted. You can see why it is a real pleasure to travel in a Lancia Thesis. It controls cruising speed and the safety distance from the car in front. Side display functions are reversible, according to whether the car is being driven from the left or right.

They seem so clear and bright, then suddenly break down into a myriad of facets. Black B Nero Provocatore? These two powerful, smooth power units benefit from a revision to the settings of the sophisticated five-speed automatic transmission to ensure smoother gear shifts and hence a considerable increase in driving comfort. Its autobox is attentive and smooth. The transmission can work automatically or semi-automatically, but the controls do not get in the way of the area between the front seats. The robotised Egomode gearbox with learning function can work semi-automatically or automatically. This system considers all aspects of the on-board climate.

The on-board information system, complete with micro TV camera and radar, provides all the necessary information for continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the lancia thesis bicolore. It warns of overtaking vehicles and any potentially dangerous obstacles on the road, as well as monitoring cruising speed and safety distances, and keeping the car in its lane.

2004 Lancia Thesis Bicolore

Once the driver is sitting down, the seat moves back in and the door closes automatically. The differential therefore adjusts to different driving styles and driver tastes to make the car more docile — or alternatively more edgy and poised for action.

Simply tilt your head back to hear the sound. Innovation, certainly, but with precise references to timeless values. When the driver lancia thesis bicolore the lane dividers unintentionally e. Lancia Thema LX -based version. The driver can select the language, graphics analogue or digitalbackground colour, character size and is able to zoom in on a particular function.


Lancia thesis bicolore to the widest range of needs and great lancia thesis bicolore.

Lancia thesis bicolore, an atmosphere diffuses through extensive breathable surfaces such as the walls and roof panel. The main feature of the multilink suspension is its virtual steering axis.

The system also allows passengers to adjust heating to their own requirements. All this information is transferred to control systems on the car robotised transmission, active differentialwhich adapt to the situation in hand to lancia thesis bicolore greater safety and better performance.

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They seem so clear and bright, then suddenly break down into a myriad of facets. It lancia thesis bicolore patently the result of a profound rethinking of Lancia traditions to cater for the future tastes and needs of the most sophisticated and demanding customers.

Thesis was replaced starting from by a new flagship sedan, based on the next-generation Chryslerre-branded in continental Europe as the Lancia Thema [1] [8]. This lancia thesis bicolore was last edited on 24 Marchat Vincenzo Lancia Fiat Category. The technological nerve centre of the Thesis is also housed in the central console: Every passenger is also free to control his or her own personal microclimate using a joystick.

File:Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 24v Bicolore (16264490557).jpg

The seats are upholstered in nabuk, a soft, smooth leather similar to suede. The body lines are long: Prototype with 3,2 V6. To explore future worlds, where technology makes every dream come lancia thesis bicolore.

The car recognises people by means of their Ego Card personal keys and adapts to their habits, life styles and driving styles: Trim quality is set off to perfection by an understated insert made out of wood: Every part is made out of top-quality material and chosen with care to express sophisticated unfussy taste.

Both driver and passenger enjoy full control of the car for complete physical and mental wellbeing. In the latter case, the driver changes gear by operating buttons on the lancia thesis bicolore wheel. The system also measures external temperature, lancia thesis bicolore and pollution conditions.


After a short learning period, when the driver works in semi-automatic mode, the system is able to recognise driving style and produce a customised map. The passenger compartment is an emotionally involving place where top-quality materials have been lancia thesis bicolore for their tactile and acoustic qualities to create a multisensorial whole that represents the final frontier of the Lancia world.

The robotised transmission is a conventional transmission fitted with an electro-hydraulic actuator. When entering a bend, drive torque is transferred to lancia thesis bicolore outer wheel in order to exploit car traction to the full and increase lateral hold.

The car features a man-machine interface system, a sort of on-board assistant that sees to everything. Generous, comfortable and relaxing, the car stands out for the painstaking care that went into the choice of materials and for ideas that guarantee top quality air, illumination and sound levels, and the ergonomics of the seats and interior lancia thesis bicolore.

The brake is always on when the lancia thesis bicolore is at a standstill and is released automatically when the car sets off. The journey toward comfort in the third millennium begins with the passenger compartment: This also means being able to live in an environment attuned to our current mood, that allows us to experience a new type of comfort.

The central monitor is used for seeing behind the car to eliminate blind spots. The headlamps automatically adapt light beam intensity to external conditions.