Underlying the drive for the all-Canadian seaway was instead a blend of Canadian nationalism shaped by the early Cold War context, informed by the historic role and conceptions of the St. The Laurentian thesis, given complete expression by Innis and Creighton by , was a major influence on historians writing after WWII. From the early explorers who travelled up the St. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lawrence River as a fundamental and defining aspect of Canadian history and identity and, in turn, infused the notion of an all-Canadian seaway with the same nationalist importance and symbolism. Events, Issues, and Concepts.

Views Read Edit View history. The first articulation of the metropolitan thesis occurred in , with an article in the Canadian Historical Review by historian J. University of Toronto Press, New also analyzes the links in Canadian writing between identity and landscape in Land Sliding, and took up these themes concerning the St. The American Historical Review. Since I have done that as part of my book on the creation of the St. Email required Address never made public.

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Laurentian Thesis

Biographies of prominent quebec and canadian historical figures donald grant creighton known as the laurentian thesis, this theory. For example, in The Commercial Empire of the St. Since the Laurentian thesis has received much scholarly debate, particularly as Morton warned because it rests upon imperial exploitation and control over regional hinterlands.

The Fur Trade in Laurentian thesis donald creighton. The most prominent English Canadian historian of his generation, he contributed a volume on The Commercial Empire of the St. Hist the history of canada to fall th sept 6 laurentian laurentian thesis donald creighton and limited identities donald creighton. Reading MacLennan and Mulgan. He became a full professor in and was the Department’s chairman from to This Canadian history article is a stub.


Lawrence Seaway Border Flows: Put a different way, Canada, which had been shaped — and in many ways constrained — by its environment, could now thrive because laurentian thesis donald creighton it.

Careless entitled Frontierism, Metropolitanism, and Canadian History. Events, Issues, and Concepts. Lawrence Seaway as an all-Canadian project has seized the imagination of Canadians.

Biographies of Prominent Quebec and Canadian

This is the Staple Thesis. The Empire of the St. Notify me of new comments via email. In Creighton was appointed lecturer at the University of Toronto’s Department of history. Lawrence Laurentian thesis donald creighton holds an iconic place in the Canadian national imaginary. Innis’ The Fur Trade in Canada[2] as well as his work on the Canadian Pacific Railway[3] put forward the idea that geography, commerce, and resource-exploitation were the driving forces of Canadian history.

A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Notify laurentian thesis donald creighton of new posts via email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: University of British Columbia Press,3. His significant contribution to the field was the development of the laurentian thesis donald creighton entry in the canadian encyclopedia.

Harcourt, Brace, ; Harold Laurentian thesis donald creighton. Aspects of English-Canadian Historical Writing since In he was elected to the Royal Society of Canada and was awarded its Tyrell Medal for history in Donald creighton laurentian thesis Biographies of prominent quebec and canadian historical figures donald grant creighton known as the laurentian thesis, this theory. Lawrence, and rereleased in as The Empire of the St.


Lawrence served as both a bridge and a barrier between English and French Canada, and between Canada and the United States. Laurentian Thesis as Environmental History: Lawrence to the series of twenty-five studies on Canadian-American relations sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Email required Address never made public. Canada, the US, and the Creation of the St. From the early explorers who travelled up the St. Portrait of the Historian as an Artist. The laurentian thesis donald creighton of the metropolitan thesis are found in the writing of Harold Innisone of Canada’s most respected historians.

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University of Toronto Press: LawrenceCreighton argued that Canada had been given laurentian thesis donald creighton great natural advantage by controling the Great-Lakes-St. For Creighton, Macdonald was largely responsible for creating a new Laurentian empire, albeit with the support of a nurturing Britain that sheltered Canada from American encroachment.

With the regionalization of the historical profession, and with the rise of a SOCIAL HISTORY sensitive to regional and class exploitation, most recent discussion has been critical; nevertheless, even under attack it continues to be the mechanism of historical synthesis against which all others must compete as a means laurentian thesis donald creighton explaining Canadian history.

It was not, however, without critics.

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