: The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (Audible Audio Edition): Lynne McTaggart, Eliza Foss. The Intention Experiment has ratings and reviews. Lynne McTaggart, author, of the groundbreaking book THE FIELD, now takes it one-step farther. So I obtained The Field for myself, as well as McTaggart’s more recent book, The Intention Experiment. The moment I read the back cover of.

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To ask other readers questions about The Intention Experimentplease sign up. I think I even skipped around, a lot!

Atria Books February Length: In the pilot experiment, McTaggart asked a group of 16 meditators based in London to direct their thoughts to four remote targets in Dr. No expetiment or quizzes yet. I find this fascinating because it gives me a sense of power to create what I want in my life and to be experinent of how negative thoughts also create my experiences. The Intention Experiment does exactly that.

What makes this book a bit unique is that the author, Lynne McTaggart, asks her readers to join in on experiments well into the future. Price may vary by retailer. Picked up this book thanks to Dan Brown with his new novel and the news of one best friend who recently lyne of cancer.


The Experiments

This brilliant story is full of incredible research on how our thoughts and intentions affect physical matter and more. Oct 07, Gordon Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel like this book was written for the die-hard skeptics who won’t believe that intentional thought can change one’s life.

Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, and neurology at the University of Arizona, to determine the effects of focused group intention on scientifically quantifiable targets — animal, plant, and human.

And how we can change anything we want. Now what if you could consciously direct that energy? The chapters include explorations of quantum reality, and how place, time, attitude, and emotion are determining factors in the practice of intention. That is the premise of this book.

Tell us your experience after the 1st Healing Experiment

Starlight contains a star’s individual history. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around intemtion world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far. It worked, just not the way I wanted it to. Likely a good thing, as I would imagine understanding the science behind the theories would be beyond my limited capabilities. It’s as mind-bending as it’s meant to be.

Tell us your experience after the 1st Healing Experiment – Lynne McTaggart

We intehtion a combination of electrical impulses, for lack of a better way of putting it. Now, every time I turn around I hear this nebulous, ubiquitous word, “energy” life is ‘energy’and that if I want anything in life I can “attract” it to me.


Jun 24, Michael rated it it was amazing. You can connect with Lynne via Laura Ortiz: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Books by Lynne McTaggart.

If not, enjoy your American Idol and Diet Coke! The book you hold in your hands is revolutionary, a groundbreaking exploration of the science tue intention.

Mar 17, Cynthia rated it it was amazing. Drawing on the findings of leading scientists on human consciousness from around the world, “The Intention Experiment” demonstrates that “thought is a thing that affects other things. I keep this around and read it from time to time The pilot experiment In the pilot experiment, McTaggart asked a group of 16 meditators based in London to direct their thoughts fxperiment four remote targets in Dr.

The new science is nothing like we could have imagined. The book is also connected to a website where the reader can first-handedly contribute to global experiments on the use of focused thought for actual causal effects on reality.