Work on your original short stories in a Google Doc. Students passed in their Universe foldable project. The recovery assessment will take place on Monday January 9th and Tuesday January 10th. Ancestry project due February Please finish the introduction and first body paragraph of your persuasive essay for tomorrow. Have a title, your name and the date at the top of the page. As they finished their Quiz I handed out Carnet Sc9.

We completed notes on static electricity Carnet Sc9. We went over the answers to the table on the evolution of atomic theory p. We corrected the questions on Resistance in Carnet Sc9. Rough drafts of your short story must be submitted in Google Classroom by Tues. Pg , Q Quick Review 4.

See assignment posted on Google Classroom. At the end of the period students passed in an individual ‘Exit Ticket’ demonstrating their understanding of the lab. We talked about what creates the seasons and why we see different stars in the night sky at different times of mdjh homework page year. Physical vs chemical change, Carnet Sc9. They have until Monday, January 16, for this. Students are to return ‘Juno’ permission forms for next class.

Ancestry projects should be in the planning phase. Basic components of a circuits p. This is to be completed for homework if not finished in class. See post above for class code for Google Classroom, if you haven’t already joined the class. Homework Assigned For Homeroom: Must complete for homework if not finished in class. Calculating energy based on power and time, Carnet Sc9.


The unit test is already announced for Wednesday Mdjh homework page Math quiz covering sections mdjh homework page.

We will resume Science Project presentation on my return. See website for missing materials.

See website for review! The Science Fair is this Thursday, March 16, mdjh homework page We will complete the Quick Review sheets tomorrow. After that point, students will need to see me outside of class time to discuss their project ideas. Work on your Quick Review Booklets to prepare for your test on Friday.

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Students are required to bring a duotang to class for their unit 1 portfolio. Students did a lab activity to observe some physical and chemical properties of mdjh homework page metals, then passed in their results at the end of the period.

Finish mdjh homework page Story of an Hour’ assignment on commonlit. We discussed the differences between terrestrial and jovian planets and completed notes p.

Final drafts of stories are due in hard copy on Tuesday, Feb. There will be a unit 2 test Tuesday, October 31st!!


Experimental plan due January Unit 5 Test on Tuesday, February 6th!! Today we discussed differences between current and voltage and the different components of a circuit. Mdjh homework page did an activity in the mdjh homework page to describe the properties of common materials such as glass, stainless steel and plastic, and reflect on how these properties affect the uses of bowls made from these materials.


Experimental plans should be complete by now; next deadline: Cost of electricity Carnet Sc9. We are currently working mdjh homework page our Drama Unit and our book circles. Exercises page 61 ‘s13 need to be completed for Monday. Once everybody was finished the quiz, I went over the passage with the class to make sure everyone understood. Corrrected labs were returned to students. We compared the different properties of metals, metalloids, and non-metals p. We finished Science Project presentations.

The recovery assessment will take place on Monday January 9th and Tuesday January 10th.

Answer chapter questions in jot note form from your booklet. Exercises page ‘s were assigned today.

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I introduced series and parallel circuits. Students reviewed in preparation for Quiz Mdjh homework page. Exercises page 18 ‘s11, 12, 16 are to be completed for tomorrow. We will finish the material after Easter and your test is scheduled for April If you did not get an invite, please use this code: