To download the MG3 manual, right click the image of the manual and choose ” save target as”. mb format. You will need to install Adobe Reader to. 29 May OK, I have it on the website now. This latest manual is made for the MG1/MG2, which of course means the MG42 as well. It’s now in English and. I have an mg42 coming, is there anywhere online that might have a manual showing basic operations?.

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An original war-time manual. New MG42 Manual just finished – now on my website Look here for sites to buy or sell something? Dated Marchwith 55 pages, 8. mg42 manual

Complete description and operation of the manyal tripod including mg42 manual setup and mechanics of mg42 manual Searching Fire Device. Optics are not included in this manual other than pictures detailing the parts.

This manual has excellent pictures on disassembly, clearing stoppages, changing the barrel, and using the ruptured case extractor among others.

Function, Mg42 manual, and Use of the M. This manual has excellent pictures manhal disassembly, clearing stoppages, changing the barrel, and loading from the Drum Magazine. Don’t be bashful, ask me closer to the time it happens. If you understand German and could use that, PM me.

Russian MG34 & MG42 manuals

As with the MG42 repair manual abovethis manual assumes you have a working knowledge of the MG34 and know the names of the parts and how it all goes mg42 manual. This manual has 6 color illustrations with explanations of how the trigger system mg42 manual in semi and manhal auto modes. It also contains 7 pages on the operation and disassembly of the MG42 Lafette, and has a few pages of tables showing pin, rivet and mg42 manual spring dimensions.


mg42 manual Please reference “Heavy Mortar” on your order. Please reference “PDV ” on your order. These illustrations are therefore now printed in a separate manual, with only two manuall on each page fan-folded.

German MG Manuals

These manuals were made to go along with the A, B, and C series of the training slide show sets, and are about the same as mg42 manual slide show except on paper. Mg42 manual manual covers the less technical gun mechanic level, explaining maintenance that would be done in the local gun workshop.

This manual is a translation of parts of the Handbook for the Flak Artillery. This is the East German operator’s manual for the AK74 scope. This manual is surprisingly thorough, describing the operation of each mg42 manual part and disassembly.

This is a very informative manual showing disassembly, adjustments, operation, and troubleshooting of this uniquely designed mg42 manual weapon. Mg42 manual don’t overlap too much – both together mg42 manual be an excellent choice. Contains details of the sequence of operation, setting the gas port, cleaning, etc. Now mg42 manual can enjoy the entire mg42 manual.

This page manual has 35 pages of explanations, instructions, and pictures for the depot level repair and replacement of all parts, including the barrel. These two manuals were originally printed separately, but combined because mg42 manual both small manuals. It contains 77 pictures, each with a caption or explanation, plus an manal for each Chapter. This manual details disassembly, how the gun works, night sights, and even mountain shooting.

The Germans had a sets of slides they’d show to the troops for training on the MG This manual is from which makes it older than the above repair manual, but the difference is the section on field and depot repair. This manual is the mate to the M.

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It also explains the operation of the gun, with excellent diagrams showing how everything moves upon firing. The neighbors are used to me. It came from CAI. The muzzle brake is not mentioned in the text, but is shown in the pictures manial the gun. The famous MG 34 Butz manual, translated mg42 manual English. This is the East German operator manual for the AK If you’re manuaal a semi-auto or bought a mg42 manual kit, this one is for you.

Both explain the operation, troubleshooting, and care of this unique Austrian WWI belt fed heavy mg42 manual. The others are the same style.

Please reference “Schmitt Machine Pistols” on your order. While nearly identical externally, there is little inside that is the same as the semi-auto version of the same gun. Please reference “FAL” on your order.

It even has the sizes length, diameter, and head style of all the rivets. Please reference “Uzi Manual” on your order. Movements in the weapon during mg42 manual and shooting. I’ve translated the Mg42 manual Luftwaffe L.

This manual was originally 4″ x 6. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

In other words, I’ll allow full credit for the older manual less postage. This is mg42 manual operator’s manual with lots of great pictures showing each step of operation, mg42 manual a description of each picture to explain the motions shown in the picture.