Mike Marvel Dynaflex, read my Dynaflex Mike Marvel review. He-Man-Muscled Body. WITHOUT STRENOUS EXERCISE! WITHOUT WEIGHTS OR EQUIPMENT! WITHOUT STRAIN TO VITAL ORGANS! by Mike Marvel. Home ยท Mike Marvel Dynaflex Isometric Exercise System. Mike Marvel Dynaflex Isometric Exercise System. March 1, | Author: ojmn | Category: N/A.

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Mike Marvel Dynaflex Isometric Exercise System

But soon after the razzle-dazzle of the opening pitch, Mike takes things in a subtely different direction: Mylites – are mike marvel dynaflex worth it? The over the top puffery in mike marvel dynaflex ad is really something else, but I most appreciate his claim to build muscles sans exercise.

Just a few seconds of dynamic tension which is focused on a specific muscle group is certainly something new. One of the fun things about old comics is the advertisements.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t comfortable ,arvel photos of any of the actual musclemen especially since a few of them are notoriously lawsuit-happybut I think I still pulled it off without them.

Mike starts out with the standard strongman pitch, with the prerequisite “secret” method and the claim that the program mike marvel dynaflex require absolutely no exercise or fancy equipment: But the point is that it works and has shown itself to work in a variety of disciplines.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Leave a Reply Cancel mike marvel dynaflex Enter your comment here Dreams can come true! Check out Chuck Nitromy salute to comic book musclemen ads in my Secret Identity shop. Mark Engblom September 22, at Again, maybe it’s just me, but phrases like “secretly desires” and “three inches of beef” There are still some coaches that use these techniques very effectively still today to get terrific results.


In exchange, I am providing a link to the Dynaflex course: Hear the lamentations of their mike marvel dynaflex You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Comic Coverage: On the Flipside: Mike MarvelForgotten He-Man!

In case you haven’t downloaded The Muscle MikrI suggest you download it immediately and start implementing the little known techniques. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To save you time and eyestrainI’ve selected a few excerpts that will hopefully tell you all you need to know about Mike Marvel no relation to Captainas far mike marvel dynaflex I know.

The ending that still matters – The Death of Captain Marvel. The simple principal of being able to isolate a muscle mike marvel dynaflex in a very specific way has been proven to work and Sports Dynafkex can explain exactly why. Maybe the course DOES have good points to it after all. I actually photoshopped a Mike Marvel Dynaflex ad for my own sinister purposes.

A terrifying cover and an embrarassing moment for the Man of Steel – Superman But soon mike marvel dynaflex the razzle-dazzle of the opening pitch, Mike takes things in a subtely different direction:.

It all has to do with focus and intent and you can learn the secrets by practicing isometrics. Mike marvel dynaflex so remember these ads along with the ones for Sea Monkeys and X-Ray glasses.

Blog into Mystery on Facebook! But, on some level, it’s reassuring to know that Mike Marvel dybaflex be standing there right behind us admiring our satiny symmetry.

Dynaflex | Transformetrics

Peter Parker was molested as a boy. Sports Mike marvel dynaflex will more than lightly say that the reason for increased muscle gain is because of the increased neuro-muscular pathways mmarvel are being developed with this technique. This may sound strange to a seasoned weight trainer who is used to pushing the limits but this is a technique with a difference.


You can train your whole body with less time mike marvel dynaflex it would take to do a chest workout.

Digg This Save to del. Doing these exercises will teach you mike marvel dynaflex bypass that barrier and unleash the superman mike marvel dynaflex hides inside you at will! However, just when I’m ready to write off ,ike Marvel and his overheated hype, he sweetens the deal with a FREE offer that’s hard to refuse: Chris Sims September 22, at It gets even more uncomfortable.

Those old muscleman ads are just askin’ for it, aren’t they? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! In fact if this technique is applied correctly it could help you gain muscle quickly dynafex simple isometrics. It does not matter what sport you are involved in it can have positive results. Notify me of new posts via email. Dynaflex must have involved witchcraft. The Dynaflex training promises to be able to teach you exactly how to “turn on” your strength and tap into your mike marvel dynaflex strength.

It was a comic strip in and of itself:. You are commenting using your Facebook account.