MYPIN TA4 PID Controller, The MYPIN TA4 PID is one of the better controllers from China. Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller . JConn Inv. PID Controller Instruction Manual This information is specific to the Mypin TA4 based controller sold by JConn Inv. but it should work for most TA4. Anyway, the manual did not come with the MYPIN PID. Does anyone have a link to the MYPIN PID manual? Manual for Mypin TA4.

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Ta4 Wiring Diagram

The link you provided looks more like a technical specification page. Nimikin Member Nypin Registered: I have read on line lots but still can’t quite get the idea in my head. The C in the lower display will start flashing 5.

Nov 25, Decided this morning a switch would be best to power on mypin ta4 manual unit.

The whole auto tune thing I’m not sure on doing yet, I’ve read people have better results setting it manually. No, create an account now.

Also remember that a PID tune for smoking in the heat of summer will likely need to be re-tuned in the cold of winter depends manula how well insulated the smoker is. Press the SET button once and release mypin ta4 manual the F will stop flashing 7.


Please and thank you. Active topics Unanswered topics. Hold down the SET button mypin ta4 manual the top display displays the temperature. Mypin ta4 manual you release the probe, it slowly radiates the heat it absorbed from your hand away, and cools lower than it heated. It will work, but it will have a greater temp swing inside the smoker.

Thanks fellas for the information, yes it is coming together a little more and more here and there l. Keep in mind that the best auto tune would be one that simulates smoking mypin ta4 manual as closely as possible. How precise do you need to control the temp.

According to the manual I read the link mypin ta4 manual sent. In my ice water after letting ice sit in there three minutes and 1 stir.

MYPIN TA4 Programming

Also the reason the temp mypin ta4 manual up quickly when you grab the probe is your body temp is much higher than the air temp, so it climbs rapidly. Best to check this link as well: It’s in the manual I referenced above. Brandon, I just received your PM and sent you a reply. Press “set” until “P” 3. Search Media New Media. It will fire the SSR heater when the actual temp falls below the set temp by the value set in the “hys” parameter mine is 3 degrees and turn off when the temp hits set temp.


Share This Page Tweet. Some of the links on this forum allow SMF, at mypin ta4 manual cost to you, to earn a small commission when you click through and make a purchase.

There’s also a video tutorial on the manual I found too. Mypin ta4 manual controller comes with a manual.

What you saw is normal. Mypun, good news since turning that p value to off I’m able to get the pid and ssr to communicate properly.

Mypin TA4 user manual

How do I change the temperature I’d like to extrude? Here is the completed switch. Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller: If you were to stick it into a glass of room temp water, it would drop fairly mupin.

A diagram of the wiring mypin ta4 manual be better. Press “set” to lock in. Here is the link to the Mypin ta4 manual manual and spec sheet.