import 2.*;. // Create a new PDF. PDF p = new PDF();. // Create a new page. PDFPage page = e(ZE_A4);. // Create a new. 2. Contains the classes used to create a PDF document. org. 2. The “viewer” package contains the classes required to create. This features adds an “Edit” menu to the application, which provides a familiar interface for those components allowing cut, copy, paste and text selection in the .

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A class representing a bitmap image which is extracted from the PageExtractor. Indicates whether the specified point in the specified page is visible in the viewport. This feature will cause signatures in the PDF to be verified automatically when a PDF is loaded by the viewer, using a org faceless pdf2 that runs transparently in the background.

PDFPage (Big Faceless PDF Library )

If required you can create pages sized to a fraction of a point using the newPage String method. Here’s an example showing how to use this with SAX and the org. The lines marked in bold could apply to any method of serializing the XML. Represents the standard Acrobat encryption algorithm, both bit and bit variants. Whether the ellipse is drawn as an outline or filled depends on the LineColor and FillColor of the current style see the pathPaint method for more information.

If the key name begins with xmp: These methods draw simple shapes onto the page with a single method call. Add an annotation for this Form element at the specified position on the specified page. After a page has been flushed, it can still be written to without any performance penalty although calling flush too often will result in larger files, so don’t overdo it.

Return a Map containing org faceless pdf2 the named actions in the PDF. Other values are possibile but won’t be recognised by Acrobat. This is the default position.

Create a new page of the specified page size and add it to this PDF. Begin a paragraph of text. A special feature that allows the toolbars to float or not. Draw a LayoutBox at the specified position on the page. In Acrobat X and later, files may be emnbdded into subfolders.


Argument to org faceless pdf2 float, int to measure the page from the top. This class org faceless pdf2 deals with the structure of the document.

Note that using interactive forms requires the “Extended Edition” of the library – although the classes are supplied with the package an “Extended Edition” license must be purchased to activate this functionality. Whether the polygon is drawn as an outline or filled depends on the LineColor and FillColor of the current style see the pathPaint method org faceless pdf2 more information. Uses of Package org. This class represents a the visible content of a page, annotation or similar.

Which pages to set as the default pages to print in the Print dialog. A parameter to newPage String to create a new A4 page – xmm. Org faceless pdf2 repeat – if you are going to call this method, do it once in an initialization routine org faceless pdf2 the first PDF is created.

Hierarchy For Package org.faceless.pdf2

Clipping Similar to the drawRectangledrawCircle etc. TIMESorg faceless pdf2 ; mystyle. The key is a case-insensitive String and the value is an object – it may be StringBooleanInteger or some other type. Draw a PDFImage at the specified position on the page.

When a signature is applied to the file, the current revision is locked and any further changes to the file result in a new revision being made. Prior ort version 2. Rendering the document typically merges all the revisions of a document, so after rendering the getNumberOfRevisions method will always return zero. However, as the current clipping area is part of the graphics state, it can and should be nested inside calls to save and restore to limit its effect. Image A class representing a bitmap image which is extracted from the PageExtractor.

This is a new feature added in PDF 1. What this actually does depends on krg currently applied PDFStyle If the org faceless pdf2 has a LineColor specified but pdf22 FillColor, “stroke” the path by drawing it as an outline in the current line color If the style has a FillColor specified but no LineColor, call pathClose and “fill” the path with the current fill color If the style org faceless pdf2 both a FillColor and oorg LineColor, call pathClose”fill” the path with the current fill color then “stroke” the path with the current line color.


The exception to this is documents containing facelss existing digital signature, or documents with org faceless pdf2 OutputProfile requiring the OutputProfile. The idea behind this is that you can add annotations to the text, and then set the actions they refer to via the AnnotationLink. Set the reading direction for this document – true will set it org faceless pdf2 “right to left”, false to the default of left-to-right. In most org faceless pdf2 it will be more convenient to call the PDF.

Note that org faceless pdf2 2. Set the natural scale for measurements in the specified area of the page. This value is used in Acrobat only for measuring distances or areas on the page, although it may be used elsewhere by other tools.

ColorAction which will pdt2 any process colors into the specified ColorSpace. As for beginText, but continue any org faceless pdf2 that overflowed from the specified page. Return the thumbnail image on the page, as set by setThumbnail org.

Org faceless pdf2 the coordinates of the current page. This is mainly useful in right-to-left locales like arabic, as it orgg the default text alignment.

This org faceless pdf2 is very important. Any items drawn after this call will be drawn after any content already existing on the page, so appearing on top of the current content. When validating a signed document this needs to be taken into account Another interesting feature of revisions is that with a document with multiple revisions, it’s possible to “roll back” to facelrss previous version.

Represents information about a font used in the document.