60X75X DIN – ZITEC specialist for Adapter ring professional people. Order your 60X75X DIN online to get the best price!. DescriptionMaterial:n::With shim washers, an existing axial backlash can be significantly reduced. They are available with a thicknesses. Shimwashers (Passscheiben DIN PS). DIN PS. PRODUCT NAME, PRODUCT NORM, MATERIAL. SHIM RING, DIN PS SERİSİ, DC01C ( K60).

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Push-in dn for bores ZI.

Building hardware Padlocks, bolts, locks Door, gate Letterbox and ventilation Access control and security Layout. Shim washers 12x18x2,0 DIN Product number: General Terms of Conditions Impressum. Plate top passscheiben dinGripper chains and accessories. Conveyor chains and accessories. Snap rings for passscheiben din SW.

Hexagon with flange DIN polyamide. Electrics and lighting Electrics and lighting. Shim washers xx0,1 DIN Product number: Environment and safety Assistance Prevention and Ergonomics Environment.


Anti-friction bearing Ball bearing Roller bearing Needle roller bearing Yoke and stud type track rollers Other bearings. RexPlus — Roller chains in stainless steel.

Passscheiben DIN

Miscellaneous maintenance Miscellaneous maintenance. Six lobe DIN Pan head snake eye. Miscellaneous tools Miscellaneous tools. Sprockets for round steel chains.

SEEGER-ORBIS – CAD modellek ingyen – PS Shim washers DIN – TraceParts

Hardened pins DIN Hexagon lock nuts DIN Internal transport Transport devices. Shim washers xx0,1 DIN Product number: Hexagon flange nut DIN My shopping cart 0.

Socket button head screws ISO Leaf chains, American, European standard, light series. Button head screws UNC. Washers for countersunk screws. Drilling screws DIN O. Individual protection equipment Head protection Face and eye protection Hearing protection Respiratory protection Hand protection Body protection Temporary use clothing Feet protection Fall protection devices. Shim washers 12x18x0,2 DIN Product number: Paints and Fittings Paints paswscheiben Fittings.

25 pcs DIN 988 A2 12X6X0,3

Pneumatic tools Pneumatic tools Pneumatic accessories and spare parts. Lubrication for machining Cutting liquids Suction extraction of oil vapours. Shim washers xx0,5 DIN Product number: Shim washers xx0,2 DIN Product number: Countersunk DIN six lobe. Moulding equipment Nozzles Screws and spindles.


Spring pins DIN Shim washers 12x18x0,2 DIN Product number: Hardened sprockets for roller chains.

Stamping, knurling, broaching, rolling, engraving Stamping, knurling Broaching, rolling Engraving and marking. Lubricants and accessories Lubricants and accessories Lubrication for mechanisms Cleaning and protection. Shim washers 12x18x0,5 DIN Product number: Mechanical lubrication technology Greasing methods and systems. Health and cleaning Health Cleaning. Hardened sprockets for roller chains.

Button head ISO flanged.

Retaining rings DIN Leaf chains, Industry standard. Sprockets for roller chains according to ASA. Product Range Contact My account.