The Dell PowerEdge Me Modular Blade Enclosure is a breakthrough in enterprise server architecture. Built from the ground up to combat data center. The Dell PowerEdge Me Blade Enclosure houses the latest performance blade servers from the Dell PowerEdge range. With superior energy efficiency. Find great deals for Dell POWEREDGE ME Blade Enclosure V Midplane 9x Fans 6x PSU 1x IKVM Dell PE ME CMC Controller Module (JV95D).

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Streak Venue Pro Venue. CPU can be two quad-core or 6-core Xeon or with the Intel chipset. Apart from that, one can also connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor directly to the server: The blades pe m1000e blade enclosure in firmware and mezzanine connectors.

Standard license offers 12 connections which can be increased by enclowure to support all 24 ports. This connection is referred pe m1000e blade enclosure inside the system as ‘blade 17’ and allows you a local interface to the CMC management cards. All modules can be inserted or removed on a running enclosure Hot swapping [2]. Views Read Edit View history. Optio Data, a Data Strategy company. Specs Say goodbye to datacenter complexity, and hello to the shared power, cooling, networking, pe m1000e blade enclosure management infrastructure of the Me modular blade enclosure.

The Me enclosure offers the option of flex-addresses. The Me enclosure is, as most blade systems, for IT infrastructures demanding high availability.

Dell M1000e

It is also possible to access the enclosure management via a serial port for CLI access or using a local keyboard, mouse and monitor via the iKVM switch. You must bkade JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. From factory only the first two external ports 17 and 18 are licensed: Click to Chat Call us Customer Support. pe m1000e blade enclosure


The same is possible with servers in a blade-enclosure: This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat The G offers 24 ports: Rest assured that the goods are very safely packaged and protected, while pallet pe m1000e blade enclosure shipments encclosure far less handling than traditional smaller shipments.

Current versions of the enclosure come with midplane 1.

The pe m1000e blade enclosure ports towards the blades are by default set as edge or “portfast” ports. Wikipedia articles needing style editing from January All articles needing style editing All pe m1000e blade enclosure with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July It is also possible to connect a virtual KVM switch to have access to the main-console of each installed server.

Nearly everything in the enclosude supports redundant operation: The flex-addresses are stored on a SD -card that is inserted in the CMC module of a chassis and when used it overwrites the address burned in into bladd interfaces of the blades in the system.

Dell M1000e Chassis (Configure-To-Order)

The enhanced midplane 1. The LCD screen can also be used for the initial configuration of an unconfigured chassis.

This is a port switch: At the bottom of the enclosure there are 6 bays for power-supply units.

This LCD display can also be used for the initial configuration pe m1000e blade enclosure in a newly delivered unconfigured system, allowing the operator to configure the CMC IP address.

To support the M server one needs to run CMC eenclosure 4. Retrieved January 29, How did you hear about us?


Dell EMC PowerEdge Me Chassis | Optio Data

Pe m1000e blade enclosure Me enclosure offers several ways for management. Dell also offered some Cisco Catalyst switches for this blade enclosure. All other parts and modules are placed at the rear of the Me.

Usually ships in 24 hours. In some setups you don’t want or need switching capabilities in your enclosure. The Me offers ‘out of band’ management: We use custom made boxes matching the original pe m1000e blade enclosure specification and durable expanding foam cushioning to ensure that your product arrives safely.

The Dell PowerConnect switches are modular switches for use in the Dell blade server enclosure Me.

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At pe m1000e blade enclosure front-side pe m1000e blade enclosure the chassis, directly adjacent to the power-button, you can connect a local terminal: You’ve got questions, we’ve got experts that can help. Except the PE Pee which only supports one Mezzanine card: Unlike the M switches where the external ports are using QSFP ports for fiber transceivers, the has CX4 copper cable interfaces. Each server comes with Ethernet NICs on the motherboard.

The midplane is completely passive. Take a look at our reassuring packaging process. The server has the Intel chipset [11]. Each Me chassis can hold two CMC modules. The external interfaces are mainly meant to be used as uplinks or stacking-interfaces but can also be used to connect non-blade servers to the network.