7 Jan from Little Rock, Ark.-based marketing data firm Acxiom for their “Life stage segmentation system” called “PersonicX® Cluster Perspectives.”. household into one of 70 segments, or “clusters,” based on the “life stage” of the of the 70 Personicx LifeStage Clusters are most likely to want your product. 3 Feb PersonicX Classic Cluster Quick Reference (organized by life stage These 70 PersonicX Classic clusters are also grouped into industry-.

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A powerful household-level segmentation system based on Consumer Lifestage that places households into perwonicx of 70 segments and personicx clusters groups based on similar demographic, socio-economic and consumer behavior.

Built exclusively for better marketing to personicx clusters Hispanic market, leveraging 15 unique demographic, socio-economic, behavioral and acculturation factors. For in-depth analysis by cluster and groups, it provides leading-edge interactive visualizations of Personicx segmentations as well as Personicx-encoded cluzters research personicx clusters rich insights into the who, what, where, when and why of consumer behavior.


Consumer and Household Segmentation | Personicx | Acxiom

Please either upgrade your version of Internet Explorer or switch to one of prsonicx following browsers: Help you quickly find audiences for personicx clusters campaigns through packages optimized personicx clusters seasonal events, enthusiasts, and more. Comprehensive consumer data on approximately million U.

Personicx clusters either upgrade your version of Internet Explorer or switch to one of the following browsers:. China France Germany Japan U. Audience Propensities Provides access to Acxiom data through a personicx clusters tool that supports segmentation, modeling, media planning, and distribution.

Personicx clusters thousands of data points for millions of customers with an orderly assembly and grouping of those data points in a unique, proven, and personicx clusters system of clusters and groups.

InfoBase Comprehensive consumer data prsonicx approximately million U.

Personicx®: Powerful Consumer Segmentation Solutions

Regulation B friendly segmentation system based personicx clusters Financial Behaviors, grouping households by similar propensities for financial activities, regardless of demographics. These 13 distinct groupings of the 70 Personicx Lifestage clusters segment U.


Acxiom Data Guru is your single source for answers on audience recommendations. This website does not support versions of Internet Explorer below Personicx clusters Explorer Reach clisters with more relevant messaging across digital and offline channels Better understand audiences and anticipate their needs Improve acquisition, personicx clusters, cross-sell, and retention efforts.

Leveraging over 70 different behaviors, households are personicx clusters into one of 54 clusters that map to 13 groups. It classifies Hispanic consumers into one of 55 clusters personicx clusters map to nine groups. Provides access to Acxiom data through a self-service tool that supports segmentation, modeling, media planning, and distribution.