Praetorian [Simon Scarrow, Jonathan Keeble] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The city of Rome in AD 50 is a dangerous place. Treachery. Praetorian by Simon Scarrow. Praetorian book cover. Free preview. Rating / Cato and Macro have as much as place in the pantheon of Roman characters . The brand new thrilling Roman adventure – a Top Ten bestseller in hardback – from Simon Scarrow, author of THE LEGION and THE GLADIATOR. The city of.

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Not a Member Yet? Narcissus finally arrives and orders the duo to go undercover in the Praetorian Guard to uncover a plot to assassinate the emperor. Please review your cart.

No idea why I waited so long to carry on with this series. In the climax it’s hinted that they will go back to Britain to help in the invasion there. Son of Spartacus Gladiator: As far as the storyline goes, there isn’t much in the way of suspense, intrigu One to add to the endless list of Roman “mystery” novels. During scadrow operation they face their old foe, Vitellius.

No sooner have they begun to unearth the details of the Liberators’ devious plan than disaster strikes: Now, in The Praetorian, after a series of adventures in Gaul, Britain, Israel, and Egypt in the preceding novels, Cato has advanced in rank to outrank his former boss.

First of a new series of crime novels set in Ancient Rome and featuring Flavia Albia, the adopted daughter of much-loved Marcus Didius Falco. They succeed in saving the emperor on more than one occasion. Scarrow sopperisce alla perdita di consistenza di uno dei protagonisti di fantasia con la riuscita caratterizzazione dei personaggi realmente esistiti. Praetorizn Intrigue in this book gives it more depth without losing the great camaraderie which grows and grows with scarrw book, the intricacies of a relationship that has to change and evolve as changes in rank and relationship occur, as the young Cato matures and grows.


Gate of the Dead. Oct 19, Nathan Trachta rated it really liked it. Indeed, the author has done a magnificent job as You might think that by the time you reach the 11th book of a series that features the same two protagonists that one might get tired of those two protagonists. Trivia About Praetorian Eagle Lists with This Book.

Lo scrittore britannico scarroe dunque un filone che ultimamente va per la maggiore nei romanzi di ambientazione storica. Yes because the book is excellent, the usual fast paced exciting writing with characters we know so well and can honestly care about.

Praetorian (novel) – Wikipedia

I liked how twisty this one was compared to the others. Brilliant nail biting action Due to an error this being starred as a four star when it should be a five star. Oct 31, Paul rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ratings and Reviews 1 27 star ratings 1 reviews. Rather than being a nice simple affair, Mr. Needless to say, the two centurions manage to find themselves in the thick of the action.

The adventures of Cato and Macro are enjoyable and this latest instalment is as good as the rest.

Ha cultura e intelligenza. Overall it’s another good story and addition to the previous books and best of all, the boy’s are returning to the legions and Britannia in the next instalment. Sacrifice 5 in the Invader Novella Series.

Time remaining — day s — hour s — minute s — second s. Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! Want to Read saving…. Macro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard, charged with defending the emperor himself against harm.

Highly recommended book and series. Being a big fan of all Mr Scarrow’s books, I was really looking to this story especially as it was going to be different.


A sodden trip into the Cloaca Maxima and a confrontation with Cestius leads to Cato and Macro racing back to the palace to thwart a final attempt on Claudius life and a denouement that reveals much, concludes little, of the politics of Rome and grants our protagonists a trip back to Britannia for their next outing. The first book to convey the full experience of what it was actually like to be pharaoh on Over and again, the aged seeress Tamis scried all the possible tomorrows.

Keep Me Safe Daniela Sacerdoti.

Praetorian by Simon Scarrow

Praetorian has Cato and Macro now in the Praetorian Guard, working for Narcissus to expose a plot against the Emperor. Recensione pubblicata su www. Also, there are times when we can see what Cato needs to see two, and three times before he realizes that there is not one simple plot to follow, but many and, well it’s complicated.

Picking up from the Shifting from his usual style of writing, Simon Scarrow diversifies the Eagle series brilliantly, introducing a new and interesting change from the usual war accounts.

Praetorian | Simon Scarrow

Basti sapere che Catone e Macrone sono due legionari di valore. Anyway, a great read and fitting new story about Macro and Cato. Plenty of fights, lots of gore, imagine it in the cinema. Scarrow hasn’t paid the same attention to Macro.

Scarrow takes his Suetonius and runs with it. Siamo sotto l’impero di Claudio, d. Sep 12, Beorn rated it liked it Shelves: Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Recommended fantasy audiobooks. Yet Narcissus, the Imperial Secretary, has other plans for them. As usual with my reviews i wont touch on the story too much as i feel reviews should not contain plot and spoilers.