Hence HR Manger should be collared first. As my point of view privatization can remove the corruption. When we hear the word corruption, first things comes in our mind is Delay in road construction, getting license, delay in any types of project etc. Yes, privatization leads to less corruption because of the fact that the Chairman or CEO of private corporates stick on to stringent rules as they have to gain dividends from the organization, unlike government companies. If they don’t do their work in a right way, they may lose their job.

But Gomti don’t you think that going for reservation based on Economic status would open a new box of worms. I really pity these poor people. There may be chance worker theft money. Privatization leads to less corruption. Why does communism so often lead to corruption?

Incentives of politician and govt employees should be tied with the quality and speed of work. Education Leads Advertise Make Money. To stop corruption we need to have a transparent system that these private sectors have, so have less corruption.

Privatization will lead to less corruption

Corruption is associated with a single human not the organisation. I’m not saying that all are same, but majority is of those who are culprits. Those sectors which belong to schedule 1 of Companies Act, are not permissible for privatisation and defence sector is one such category. So only one solution can reduce corruption in significant amount when private companies and public sector companies will come in competition and creat a balance in a market.

Current Affairs General Knowledge. Now it is up to you to decide or judge which among them means corruption. Quick punishment for bribe taker as well as bribe taker. The only way by which corruption can be eradicated is, privatization will lead to less corruption essay and every individual taking a personal pledge that” i am not goin to give bride to anyone or going to get bribe someone, whatever may be the consequence of it. As long as the control is under govt, there is possibility to plummet this but privatization may not give the public to opportunity to curb this.

Once again I’m looking forward for the expert views and opinions about the above mentioned topic. What privatization provides is a good quality products and services because of the competition they face in gaining market share. Gautam Joshi Contributor-Level 9. But private sectors are talent, job skill and work oriented, means their employees are well educated and decent enough to know the economic and other challenges our country have been facing in this era.


Making Privatization is good concept as it will provide better facility and services for people. We have to repair ourselves first. Privatization will lead to less corruption essay are missing the point here, The private sector is different from the govt sector because of the rules implemented in the firm. Get tailored coaching from sales experts from companies like Salesforce, Yelp, Nestle, startups and more.

So, indirectly they are asking students to join their classes. Where as Government companies have privatization will lead to less corruption essay limit in doing scams.

The only benefit of privatization is that quality of output of different organization will improve. These companies are widely regarded as corrupt and have caused a lot of problems for Delhi and its government. This page may be out of date.

Privatization will lead to less corruption.

You dismissed this ad. V Commented by veerappan 7 years ago.

He sells food item and does not keep money inside box. This depends on a lot of factors. As the private organizations privatization will lead to less corruption essay individualistic pattern more powerful rather than collective decision and decision making is done in a fast pace, any negligence towards the work will attract penalty or punishment. Human will be human, Whether it is government sector or private privatization will lead to less corruption essay and greed of human is never ending.

Yes it reduce less corruption. In my opinion, the first question is why we need the privatisation? Even though the energy sector is privatized, government has allocated fix areas to them ensuring that they don’t compete, government has also put a price cap on how much these companies can charge.

J Commented by jalaludeen 7 years ago. Of Course, They are accountable to the Government but there is a chance of over invoicing and make more hidden profits which finally lead to the contagious disease corruption.

Privatization will lead to less corruption. ~ Group Discussion Ideas

But in private case job security is not present. But as we know that there are two aspects of life. Conversion of ownership from the public sector govt sector to private privatization will lead to less corruption essay. Pooja Kohli Guide-Level If you look at the government organizations, everyone is ready to work once you agree to pay bribe, otherwise your work will be kept pending asking for completion of formalities.


The advantage could be that a person employed in private sector could work selflessly and hence contribute towards national development. Yes I do agree with this statement. Thus, I am against the statement, I think its just the mentality of Indians, else ask a government employee, he works hard to uplift his organization. So something same should be done with the government sector to improve them.

We are here to discuss the impact of privatization on corruption and I feel most of the people are deviating from the topic. But, in private sectors there will not be any job security as public sector. There is no guarantee that privatization leads to less corruption, privatization will lead to less corruption essay there are some companies in the news which did scam.

So to eradicate corruption can’t be achieved immediately by doing privatisation instead we should have some strict law like Janlokpal bill to deal with the corrupted without any differentiation between government or private organisation. Then only all categories of people will be benefited. Corrupt people are everywhere. Commented by Priya Saxena Guide-Level 11 6 years ago. Service sector is improved to a big height. For education even we use privatization will lead to less corruption essay approach of our parents and other relatives to get admission in govt cllges or highly reputated institutes without seeing our eligiblity.

Everyone said their point of view about the about private and public sector. Click Hereto know how to enable it. On d other hand private institutions were merely gives a customer approach and satisfaction functions