26 Nov QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual. Identifier QuadraVerb_V1_owners_manual. Identifier-ark ark://t3pv8w75s. Ocr ABBYY FineReader 22 Nov Alesis Quadraverb owners reference manual. Identifier quadraverb_manual. Identifier-ark ark://t15nf. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Full text of “QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual” DIGITAL EFFECTS PROCESSOR Reference Manual INSTRUCTIONS TO THE USER This equipment has been.

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The Leslie speaker system is most often used with Hammond type organs, but is occasionally used quadraverb manual quardaverb amplification as well. In this equalizer setup, the high and low bands are shelving type equalizers, while the mid band is fully parametric with not only the frequency but bandwidth fully adjustable. Pressing the value button will toggle between the two choices. Once again, this causes the effect to become more pronounced and dramatic.

Quadraverb manual pages of the page display examples are referenced to this program. All quadraverb manual of the page display examples quadtaverb in the manual are referenced to quadraverb manual Pressing the PAGE button will cause the display to read either of the following: OFF Pressing the value button will select these additional options: When the left channel is detuned sharp, the right is detuned flat, and vice versa. An overview of the concepts and applications of the MIDI interface.

A general guide to MIDI with an emphasis on applications. In this case they will read: When mixed back with the quadraverb manual dry signal, the popular “12 string” effect is produced.

Other targets can also be selected by pressing the value button until the desired parameter is displayed. If the value buttons are pressed, the numbers are incremented quadraverb manual decremented from to until the desired program number is reached. During editing, the default value can be returned simply by pressing both valuc buttons at the same time.


The quadraverb manual will open when the mahual level reaches the dB Quadraverb manual, and will close quadracerb the signal falls below this point. The Mono Delay has the advantage of twice the available delay time, or milliseconds in qadraverb QuadMode m Configuration.

These quadtaverb, as well as the PAGE buttons, are touch sensitive, so that the quadraverb manual of pressure used will affect the speed quadraverb manual which the values will change.

An explanation, or reference to an explanation, for all functions or parameters is also given. All effects parameters are fully adjustable and programmable. The Lezlie Stereo Separ- ation page determines the spread of bass and treble across the stereo image.

The Pitch Modes available are: This external supply keeps hum, noise, and ground loops to a minimum.

The effect of Flanging, either electronically or mechanically done, is achieved by splitting and slightly delaying one part of the signal, then quadraverb manual the time delay, again with an LFO. ROOM The Room program simulates not only quadracerb of different sizes, but rooms with different surface quadraverb manual as well. Pressing the value buttons will cause quadraverb manual numbers to qusdraverb or decrement simultaneously with the numbers scrolling from 00 to Although this effect is not found in nature, it works great for modern drums, percussion, and any quickly repeated, transient source.

Still, a quadraverb manual sounding chamber is mnaual thing to behold. This parameter only appears when the Mono or Stereo Chorus types are selected. Usually, quadraverb manual nature, there is a space of time between the First Reflection and all of the other reflections that make up the reverb sound field. The display will show: This parameter is not available in the Pitch Detune or Phase Shifter mode.

QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual

The displays will read as follows when either full Pre or quadraverb manual Post are selected: This will determine how long the Reverb will sound before it dies out. The Reverb types available are: As the Reverb Density quadraverb manual increased, the time between the First Reflection and the remainder of the reverb reflections is decreased to where you can no longer distinguish the first reflection separately.


The range is 1 to 9.

The Reverb Gate function is quadraverb manual on or off by this page. Quadraverb manual always starts the oscillator at the top of its cycle and produces a deep super flange controlled by the level of the input signal. The factory program is never realty erased, even though it might not be di played.

Alesis Quadraverb Reference Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

At any time, press the store button a second time to make QuadrmVerb execute quadraverb manual store instruction displayed on the LCD. Pressing the down page button wilt switch quadrxverb cursor back to the teft numbers for entering quadraverb manual new program number Pressing the up PAGE button will switch the cursor to the right side numbers to access the QuadraVerb numbers.

Select another Effect or function, if desired. Mod Source, Target, and Quadraverb manual for 2 through 8 have the same pages as above. Quadraverb manual effects are achieved by splitting the signal into at least two parts, effecting the pitch of one of the parts, then quadravedb them back together.

O0dB In each of these displays, as before, pressing the value button will increase or decrease the value of each parameter. On some Reverb programs of the Quadra Verb, you may actually hear the multiple echos repeating when the diffusion quqdraverb is set to 1.

This quadraverb manual to signify that the Reverb in this configuration takes advantage of the increased processing power available when only two Effects are active.