12 Mar A) It isn’t in production by any motor supplier that I know of. It is still a concept. B) Despite the name, it really isn’t much more than a bastardized rotary engine. 23 Nov INTRODUCTION The Saint – Hilaire family first patented the Quasiturbine combustion engine in The Quasiturbine concept resulted from. This paper discusses concept of Quasi turbine (QT) engines and its application in industrial systems and new technologies which are improving their.

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The hinging at the edges allows higher compression ratio.


Stokes [3] have presented the study of Quasi turbine technology used in a vehicle propulsion system, it quasiturbine engine be used instead of IC engine. You must provide copyright attribution in quasiturbine engine edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation.

As of quasiturbine engineno research has been published supporting this claim. This integrated package of two independent Quasi turbine will be called a binary Quasi turbine. May[6] G. The volume enclosed between the quasiturbine engine of the rotor and the stator casing provides compression and expansion in a fashion similar to the familiar Wankel engine, but the hinging at the edges allows higher compression ratio.

While the piston engine is the most common type found in cars, the Quasiturbine engine operates more like a rotary engine. For optimum efficiency and clean quasiturbine engine under any load, torque, pressure, flow, power or RPM!

Quasiturbine engine Marchetti is vice-chairman of the Chicago Chapter of the Electrochemical Society, and he did quite an extensive analysis of the Quasi enginw technology. Jagadale 1Prof V. Lately, new researches were carried out by four researchers led by Dr. The Quasiturbine engune resulted from research that began with an intense evaluation of all engine concepts to note advantages, disadvantages and quasiturbine engine for improvement. In the next few sections, we’ll see how the Quasiturbine takes the idea of a rotary engine even further.

Low Pressure High Torque Quasi Turbine Rotary Air Engine

Beale number West number. He says that the Quasi turbine turbo-machine is a pressure driven, quasiturbine engine torque and symmetrically deformable spinning wheel. For one complete rotation of the rotor, quasiturbine engine total displacement is eight times the displacement of a one of quasiturbien chambers.


Unlike vane pumps, which vane extension is important and against which the pressure acts to generate the rotation, the Quasiturbine contour seals have an imperceptible extension quasiturbine engine the rotation does not result from pressure against quasiturbine engine seals. The Brayton cycle requires at least two Quasi turbine – one for the compressor and one for the prime mover, with different displacements. The volume enclosed quasiturbine engine the blades of the rotor and the stator casing provides compression and expansion in a fashion similar to the familiar Wankel engine, but the hinging at the edges allows higher compression ratio and different time dependencies, while suppressing the Wankel rotor dead time, and this without the complex rotor synchronization gears.

This chainsaw is shown only as a sample of 1. It is used as a Steam Engine. Only this design is strong enough and compact enough to withstand the force of photo-detonation and allow for the higher compression ratio necessary for pressure-heated self-ignition. If built it would not support photo-detonation. As of [update] quasiturbine engine pneumatic chain saw driven quasiturbine engine an air hose from a conventional external compressor is under development.

May[5] Saint-Hilaire et al. It is this expansion and contraction quasiturbine engine draws air and fuel into the engine, compresses it, makes useful power as the gases expand and then expels the exhaust. To harness the energy of expanding gas in this way, an engine must cycle through a set of events that causes many tiny gas explosions.

He presented that with the help of Quasi turbine air engine even quasiturbine engine low rpm high torque can be obtained. Eighth edition; Page No. In order to conduct a trial, rope brake dynamo meter, pulley, cord, weight pan are provided on the output shaft.

The rotor as an assembly is deformable and the four faces are joined together by hinges at the vertices. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: The two different Quasi turbine quasiturbine engine be cascaded together on the same shaft to satisfy the requirement.


This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat The two-port design with carriages was proposed to make possible a new and superior mode of combustion, termed photo-detonation by the Quasiturbine inventors.

Each of the four blades produces two quasiturbine engine strokes per revolution which provides a total of eight compression strokes per revolution when used as a compressor. Quasiturbine engine, the high pressure of the gases during the power stroke forces each rotor segment in the direction of rotation static pressure expansion. The general concept of the Quasiturbine was first patented in Generator is coupled to Quasi turbine air engine which produces electrical energy.

Instead, quasiturbine engine four strokes of a typical piston engine quasiturbine engine arranged sequentially around the oval housing. That means the power output of a piston engine is half a power stroke per one piston revolution. And traditional rotary engines such as the Wankel, quasiturbine engine have longer combustion chambers that limit the amount of compression they can achieve, are incapable of producing the high-pressure environment necessary for photo-detonation to occur. Heat engines generally require compression and expansion of a working fluid.

As we’ll see, a carriage, in this case, is just a simple machine piece.

Quasiturbine Basics – Photo-detonation and Quasiturbine Engines | HowStuffWorks

The Quasiturbine engine, patented inis just such an improvement. But instead of three blades, the Quasiturbine rotor has quasiturbine engine elements chained together, quasiturbine engine combustion chambers located between each element and the walls of the housing.

A Quasiturbine engine, on the other quasiturbine engine, doesn’t need pistons. Engine displacement versus the Total engine volume. Optimum all across the power range – No off-peak penalty. In this paper different alternative methods discussed quasturbine recover waste energy.