Abstract. We discuss the background and principles for the development of near- human-body electric-field communications technology and describe two key. 4 Apr Red Tacton – A Human Area Networking. Technology. Gamini Gopi#1, R. Ravi Kumar #2. #1Final Year B. Tech, Dept. of ECE, KL University. 17 Sep RedTacton is a novel communications technology neither wireless nor wire communication- that uses the surface of the human body as a.

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Other features of the near-body electric-field communications technology are that it suppresses the emission of the electric field from the body into space, so mutual interference is reduced, and it enables intuitive connection through touch communication since the signal propagates over the bodily surface.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Now we are going to discuss such a technology, which is currently under development, called RedTacton Technology. No, I do not want to redtzcton. Communication is highly secure and practically immune redacton eavesdropping as radio waves are not emitted. This detailed article on Red Tacton technology is developed by our team for students as a Seminar topic for their academic needs.

If this technology is applied to an entry control system or ticket gate, it is much more convenient than conventional contactless cards because you do not even need to remove the access card from your pocket Fig. We have discussed about various infrared and Bluetooth wireless technologies in our recent posts.

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We have referenced various research papers,reports and other documentations for developing this article. However, seen from another aspect, the arriving signals can be intercepted, so security becomes an issue. You may also like: When the transmission signal redtaccton strong, a stronger electric field is emitted around the body, reducing differentiation from other short-range wireless technologies.

According o science studies, we know that our body is creating minute electric charges all the time. We have confirmed that the actual electric field produced by our prototype transmitter is an order of magnitude smaller than regulation levels for short-range wireless schemes.


He received the B. A model of the distribution of the electric field around the human body is shown in Fig. The near-body electric field is modulated and can be read and demodulated through these redtatcon. When compared with a wi-fi communication, this technology seems advantageous.

With more and fedtacton users trying to retrieve data from a single source, the physical connections become a problem. If common mode noise is introduced, it has a strong effect because the impedance balance between the signal and ground lines is poor. At any point of time, you can contact us and select the data you wish to anonymise or delete so it cannot be linked to your email address any longer.

But, with this technology, since there are no wires, the digital signals can be passed from your player to the headphone through your body, clothes, and shoes and so on. We introduced a variable reactance circuit into the output stages of the transmitter: Focusing on the naturalness, inevitability, and sense of security conveyed by touching in everyday life, this article describes human area networking technology that enables communication by touching, which we call RedTacton.

RedTacton Near-body Electric-field Communications Technology and Its Applications

In some typical applications including entry control and ticket gate systems, with the transmitter carried in a jacket breast pocket or trouser pocket transmitting an ID, we achieved communication with a packet error of rate of less than 10 —3. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

So, we can confirm that RedTacton technology comes right in between wireless and wired connection.

We also added a function enabling the reactance circuit to follow changes in this floating capacitance as the body moves, resonating with it. You can unsubscribe anytime.

In this technology, every mode of communication can be done with a touch. However, connectors and cables are a nuisance. We are hoping to expand the range of uses of this technology throughout society, in the home and office, in public facilities, and for transportation, as an redtacgon communications interface connecting people with other people and with objects devices.

Taking rsdtacton above points in account, RedTacton is situated directly between wireless and wired communication. RedTacton actually is helpful in short distance communication. To play the next song or to adjust the settings you can do it by selecting one of the touching features as explained above. You can check my another blog TutorialsJar where I share programming tutorials. In this way we were able to reliably remove common-mode noise at the initial-stage amplifier and improve the signal-to-noise ratio, creating a highly sensitive architecture able to amplify the weak signal.


This is done in order to personalise and enhance your experience with us. Introduction The near-body electric-field communication system described in this Special Feature consists of 1 a transmitter that emits an alternating current AC electric-field signal modulated by input data from an electrode and 2 a receiver that uses another electrode to read the weak AC electric field on the body induced by the signal and demodulates it to recover the data from it Fig.

Communication is achieved in the receiver by detecting this AC electrical field before it escapes to the earth ground. Communication is possible using any body surfaces, such as the hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso. RedTacton is a novel communications technology -neither wireless nor wire communication- that uses the surface of the human body as a transmission medium supporting IEEE If Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, click the button below and go to the download site.

This could get as simple as two people equipped with RedTacton devices being able to exchange data just by shaking hands. Hi, I am Mohit Arora, redtactoon passionate blogger and addicted reader. Mohit Arora Founder at CatchUpdates. A laser is passed though an electro-optic crystal, which deflects light differently according to the strength of the field redatcton it. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.