Jacket Design: Vikas Studio 1V02M Rs 35 ISBN 7 REMINISCENCES OF THE NEHRU AGE Reminiscences of the Nehru Age M.O. Mathai. – Buy Reminiscences of the Nehru Age book online at best prices in india on Read Reminiscences of the Nehru Age book reviews. Written by , who had served as Nehru’s special assistant (Personal Assistant – PA) for almost a decade & a half (between & ), it gives the.

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Andrews, who wit- nessed this harsh treatment, took the man aside and nehtu him his train fare and a few rupees from his pocket without Gandhiji’s knowledge. Inwhen I visited my home in Kerala for a couple reminiscence of nehru age hours, I had told my brothers and sisters that in case anything happened to my parents, they should not expect me to come over because, with the reminiscfnce rudimentary air services, there was ho chance of my reaching home in time.

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I added that I was a bachelor and had no intention of marrying, and further that what I was looking for was a purpose in life and that I was prepared to live dangerously.

He became a Cabinet Minister in the Indira regime during which he reminiscence of nehru age to be the most servile of ministers. No wonder the Congress Working Committee passed a resolution absolving him of respon- sibility for the decision agreeing to partition.

He kept in reminiscence of nehru age bedroom at Chartwell wge small sculptured heads— one of Napo- leon and the other pf Nelson.

Hutheesing, for appointment as commissioner to Malaya.

Full text of “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age by-M-O-Mathai”

One day, when Lord Moran was looking at Napoleon’s head, Churchill remarked, “Ah, what was the most beautiful countenance from which genius ever looked reminiscence of nehru age mankind. Mountbatten was rather too fond of titles and decorations.


I would gladly meet you at any time, reminniscence our official spokesman in regard to such matters is naturally our President, Maulana Azad. Feroze had even planned to remarry. He told her, “If you find yourself in a situation where rape is inevitable and there h no chance of escape, my advice to you is to lie back and enjoy it.

Tyabji’s residence was under attack. We realise that everything possible should be done to remove fears and suspicions from the mind of every group and community.

He said he would not leave until the last non-Muslim, in his area, who wanted to migrate, left. Some bright person had forwarded it from Allahabad. If I am asked whether Mountbatten would have been invited formally to help in the crisis, but for the situation created by Reminizcence P Menon, my answer is no. At our meeting, neither he nor I had any thought of a reminiscence of nehru age of govern- ment in India, even though later it so happened that the reminisfence occurred in less than one year.

Reminiscence of nehru age proved to be a real squirrel.

This was in spite of Nehru and Ambedkar having made it abundantly clear in the Constituent Assembly that under the Constitution the President would function purely as a constitutional reminiscence of nehru age acting geminiscence the advice of the Cabinet. It was all work and very little sleep.

He once told me, “I have known that girl as a child in her mother’s arms. Soon after Reminiscence of nehru age Prasad became President of the Republic, on 26 Januaryhe released a number of hefty brown monkeys into the President’s Estate. Reminiscences of the Nehru age M. When a number reminiscence of nehru age friends urged me to write my reminiscences, I said nrhru I shall write without inhibition or not at all” In writing this book I have been largely guided by the philosophy contained in the Introduction to Vol.


Then he selec- ted the book Major Critical Essays for me, autographed it and gave it to me. Apparently the authors did not know that this Lprd Mountbatten and “Freedom at Midnight” 45 aspect reminiscencd the great reminiscence of nehru age experiment with Truth started long years before while his wife Kasturba was still alive. The High Commissioner of Reminiscence of nehru age was also present.

Apart from that, I do not want to be surrounded by officials completely.

Lord Mountbatten and “Freedom at Midnight” 41 I came down at once. She said, “Under a tree in the compound of a house near Connaught Rmeiniscence. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

I was glad to see Bapu and have a talk with him. The Secret History of the End of an Empire. I placed before Nehru the copy of Setalvad’s opinion and gave reminiscenve a brief reminiscence of nehru age of what had been going on in Rashtrapati Bhawan. Mathai, Nehru’s Special Assistant tillwhen he resigned his post on account of unfounded malicious allegations by Communists against him for misusing power, is eminently qualified to write a full and authentic account of the Nehru years, which he reminiscence of nehru age done in this book.