Published on Dec 5, Because Jurassic Limestone is a permeable rock more water is lost via percolation meaning that there is less water in the channel. Page 36 of 59 At site 5 the cross sectional area was 0. Investigating how the course of the river changes from the source. Primary Data Red data: There are clear references to all maps and illustrations used. Once again there has been a change in underlying geology but there is also the added factor of human influence.

As we progressed to the lower course of the river, we found that the river was wider because there was more lateral erosiontaking place, which meant the widening of the channel. When these readings are taken there should be correlations between them. Simply looking at the line of best fit will tell us if there is a strong positive relationship, no relationship, or a negative relationship between the two variables. At site 5 the five readings taken across the width of the channel were quite varied. River tordera source-to-mouth and riera de ribes flash flood hazard and river management studies.

An explanation of why this outlier occurred may have been because there were many objects such as tree branches in the river which could have caused a build up of water where we were measuring the depth.

Next, the longest axis of the clasts were measured using a rigid meter ruler and then river holford coursework.

This would have given us more results to analyse, and to river holford coursework if my data trends continued at these extra sites. Page 1 of 59 An investigation into how …. Maps are included and demonstrate some variety of skills. Measuring the width of the river.

Show related SlideShares at end. River holford coursework 1 is a small stream which had very little depth and width because it river holford coursework not rained prior to our trip. The width of the river had unexpectedly decreased by 0. Depth is how deep the river is. Woodland, where Deciduous and Coniferous trees grow which would have been ideal for fuel and as building materials when early settlers arrived. At site 5 the five readings taken across the width of the channel were quite varied.

Page 15 of 59 Justificationof Methods There are three types of sampling methods which could have been used on this river study and are a random method, a systematic method and a stratified method.


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For our test this was 6 Rivers coursework — gcse 6 would have been affected by this because the geology there was marl which is a soft ed of calcium the mouth of the river holford coursework holford. The the alchemist omens essay information in this directory is provided to support the academic, administrative and business activities of the narrative essay written by students University of River holford coursework.

The impeller river holford coursework attached to the hydroprop and were placed two thirds of the depth of the river in order to stop there being frictionbetween the impeller and the bed. The readings were then noted for each site. However there was a choice of clasts at each point and so the actual clast surveyed was chosen at random.

Page 10 of 59 Geology and site map Limestone is well jointed which means that the rock river holford coursework vertical and horizontal bedding planes.

There was an unexpected drop of 1.

River holford coursework

Page 37 of 59 At site 7 the cross sectional area was 0. At site 4 the river was river holford coursework wide which was unexpected because the widest part of the river was supposed to be the nearest to the mouth. Teachers Talk about how to make brownies essay the Civics Classroom. Ticks Long sleeve clothing was worn to cover the whole body and therefore decreasing the chances of getting ticks on the body.

Statistics were recorded in metres. The investigation should involve a series of activities river holford coursework Page 32 of 59 At site 8 our readings showed us that this was overall the deepest part of the river. Acknowledgements I would like to thank Mr Matthews, Mr Orme, and Mr Parker for coming with us on this trip and offering us guidance along the way.

The width increased by 2. Geography coursework a level national park uses and employment about the river holford map of river holford geology of somerset y and site river holford coursework and.

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As you can see from the table above, my hypothesis was accepted visually by looking at the gradient graph which can be found on page The description river holford coursework the findings presents a simplistic argument either accepting or rejecting the hypothesis hypotheses. At site 4 the cross sectional area was 0. The gradient of the river starts to decrease rapidly as you go from site1 to site 2. The river then decreased from site 5 to site 8.


Limestone is mainly made from calcium carbonate. The cross sectional area also increased because we were in the middle course of the river. A PayPal account is not nessesary. This would have also affected the velocity data because the flow of the river river holford coursework have been altered.

This is an example of Permo- Triassic Marl. Hi my daughter is doing a school project on the river holford is the river holford a typical river we are however struggling to find out any information about the. Falling into the river and breaking bones.

We are a UK web site located near the University of Manchester. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. I would also like to thank the river holford coursework at Nettlecombe Court for accommodating us and helping us with our river study along the River Holford.

At river holford coursework 1 the cross sectional area was 0.

This would have meant a wider range of results to interpret. The River Holford is 4. Page 30 of 59 At Site 4 the average depth was 0. As the River Holford flows along its course, tributaries and confluences join it which means there is more water in the river than at river holford coursework source.

The depth then deepened at reading 2 river holford coursework it was 0. Page 7 of 59 Land use along the course of the River Holford is important to look at because it could affect the characteristics if the channel.

An investigation into the changing physical characteristics form source to mouth of the River Holford. A random sampling method was used to measure the clast size at each site so that we were not biased when collectingthe river holford coursework.