SAE J This standard provides a system of a defined nomenclature to describe vehicle dimensions. A. combination of letters and numerals helps the. This SAE Recommended Practice defines a set of measurements and standard procedures for motor vehicle dimensions. The dimensions are primarily intended . 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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If the area is totally sae j1100 by the seat cushion and seat back trim, measure sae j1100 to trimmed door or trim surface closest, in side view, to the SgRP.

See also Figures 27 and This measurement accounts for adjustments independent of track travel. Design H-Point Travel Path J11100 exterior dimensions define the proportional shape of the vehicle, as opposed to its designed pieces.

SAE J1100: Motor Vehicle Dimensions

The standard right and left mirror adjusted for normal driving will be shown unless otherwise noted. The lower leg segments are detached to allow free rotation of the thigh segment around theSgRP. H67 Floor covering thickness – undepressed – front 6. Foremost-Highest Design H-Point— The foremost location of the full up position of vertical travel independent of track rise.

The Luggage Compartment Lid or access door must close and lock freely without forcing or excessive slamming with all of the luggage in place in the compartment. H Seat Cushion height – front 6. Two-Door Models— The minimum dimension measured horizontally between the trimmed front seat with front seatback tilted forward, and the trimmed lock pillar, trimmed quarter panel, or trimmed rear Seat Cushion at a height between the sill plate bead and sae j1100 4 in above the bead with the door in the maximum sae j1100 position.


They may be loosened and moved to the limits of the attaching hardware and then retightened to attain the most advantageous sae j1100. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. For vehicles with SgRP to heel H30 greater than mm, the accelerator pedal may be depressed as specified by the manufacturer.

The limiting structural component shall be sae j1100. H26 Interior body height – front at zero Y plane 6. W16 Cushion width – front 6. Luggage Capacity — Passenger car enclosed Luggage Compartments including hatchbacks and station wagons partitioned to secure hidden cargo V1 – Luggage Capacity Total of volumes of individual pieces of standard luggage set plus H-boxes stowed in the Luggage Compartment in accordance sae j1100 the procedure described in 9.

The forward limit is the rear side of rear of the front seatback, and a vertical plane tangent to and extending above sae j1100 front seatback. Four-Door Models — Same as L1 8 b. A minus – dimension indicates the mirror is located below the horizontal sae j1100. If no arm sae j1100 is provided at the designated “X” plane, use a height of mm above the SgRP. The center of Knee Pivots are laterally separated for proper foot placement. A minus – dimension indicates that the brake pedal is lower than the accelerator pedal.

Independent vertical adjustment, if provided, is not included.

H Rear opening height 8. PH1 Clutch pedal pad height The prefix “P” is added to the L length. See Figures 6, 7, 9, and Measure the same as H Sae j1100 the area is totally excluded by the seat cushion and seat back trim, measure width to trimmed door or quarter trim surface closest, in side sae j1100, to the SgRP.

If the accelerator is depressed, the manufacturer shall place foot flat on pedal and note sae j1100 depression of the pedal.


If the second sae j1100 is adjustable, it should be positioned at the SgRP and at a back angle as specified by the manufacturer. H Headlamp to ground 7. Cargo floor height 8. In case of dual rear axles, the dimension shall be sse the midpoint of the centerlines of the rear wheels.

Liters ft 3 Eq. If the sae j1100 is next to the report title, it indicates a complete revision of the report.

Full text of “SAE J Motor Vehicle Dimensions”

This measurement includes vertical adjustment independent of track travel. This dimension excludes wheelhouses, local protrusions, and local depressions or sae j1100.

The use of this report is entirely voluntary, and its applicability and sae j1100 for any particular use, including any patent infringement arising therefrom, is the sole responsibility of the user. Standard parts of the vehicle normally installed in the Luggage Aae such as a convertible top shall be in the stored position when the Luggage Capacity is determined.

L11 Accelerator heel point to steering wheel center X 6. For rear-facing third seat, measure from the trimmed seat back at a height tangent to sae j1100 top of the third Seat Cushion surface, rearward to the interior tailgate closure. S1 Windshield area All dimensions are measured sae j1100 the base vehicle and do not include Regular Production Options RPO or sae j1100 parts, unless defined by the dimension definition.

If there is a step, sae j1100 dimension is measured vertically from the ground to the first step entering the vehicle.

This measurement includes vertical adjustment independent of track rise.

Fiducial Mark Dimensions 5.