Traditional Scrabble has a tough time keeping pace in a Boggle-speed world. That is, until now. Scrabble Slam is a loose, card game adaptation of traditional. It’s the Scrabble Slam Card Game! You’re gonna love this fun twist on America’s favorite word game — Scrabble! Impress all your friends with your vast. Scrabble Slam! is a card game as well as word game by Hasbro. It was released on June 20, It is based on the popular board game, Scrabble. This game.

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Remind your fellow players that the cards are two-sided. Scrabble is happy to announce the launch of their new Facebook page dedicated to all things Scrabble slam instructions.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 0. There are no turns you just play as fast as you can. Tell us more about it? Available Now Coming Apr 26, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Harsh Dec 31, Instead of focusing on the large letter printed on the cards, look instead to the upper left-hand corner, where you will see two small letters printed.

scrabble slam instructions

The numbers only work out even with 3 scrabble slam instructions. Family time makes strong happy families. Then you deal out all the remaining cards to players. How to Play Scrabble Slam! You may also add an ‘S’ on top of the fourth letter card to form a plural word maybe, for example if you have the word ‘Hate’ on the table, you could add an ‘S’ on top scrabble slam instructions the ‘E’ card, thus the word will be ‘Hats’.


Just designate to all players that the game has started.

Words may be repeated in a match, but you may not recreate the same word that is presently in scarbble. You scrabble slam instructions redeem your code here and send the content directly to your system.

Family Game Night This Week We’re Playing Scrabble Slam – MomStart

For step-by-step instructions by system, please click here. The player to run out of cards first is the winner. Scrabble Scravble Instructions by: To purchase digital games directly from Nintendo. Choose the starting word. This page was last edited scrabble slam instructions 23 Julyat Cookies make wikiHow better.

Please be sure that you meet all of these download requirements for your game before you place scrabble slam instructions order. All sales are final. A “t” can never be placed on top of another “t” in the word.

If the word is not a legal Scrabble Slam! Can I add an S to the end of the word, or does scrabble slam instructions have to remain a 4-letter word throughout the game?

This article does not cite any sources. So you know what is on both sides of the card without having to flip it around. We received a scrabble slam instructions of Scrabble Sla, at BlogHer Either side of the card may be played to make a legal word, with the blank serving as a “wild letter” as in the Scrabble board game.

Did you try these steps?

Scrabble Slam!

My Nintendo Points are automatically awarded to the Nintendo Account that was used to purchase the game. In some ways the game is similar to the board game Scrabble. Children and adults should be able to play this word game together without much difficulty. The Scrabble Slam Card Game is not that difficult, but if you lost your rules, picked up a used copy, or you just needed clarification on instructoins small game-play issue, I’m your man.


You can, however, play a “G” to change the word to “GALE” and then play a “B” to change the word back to “BALE” if you scrabble slam instructions do so before another player changes the word to something else. The official call to begin play is “Ready, set, slam”; however, you can call “Go,” “Start,” or something similar, if you wish. Once you’re signed in, you can review scrabble slam instructions My Nintendo points balance and history, check out the latest My Nintendo rewards, and view active missions you can complete to earn My Nintendo points.

What is the order cancellation policy for scrabble slam instructions purchases? If the word is unacceptable, the player who played the word must take the card back into scrabbble hand, but there is no further penalty, and play resumes.

All players scrabble slam instructions to change the starting word by adding a single letter to the word. PT 7 days a week. In case there is a wise guy that might try to pass off fake words, misspelled words, or unacceptable slang instruxtions RAWRa player may dispute a word at any time. Please help scrabble slam instructions it or discuss these issues on the talk page.