Once while roaming in saibaba temple, one of my sai friend gave me a copy of Shri Sainath Stavan manjari in tamil. I was pleased to see some one has taken. Blog Archive. ▽ (2). ▽ February (2). THE GLORIOUS CULTURE TRADITIONS OF INDIA · Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari A Humble tribute of pr. SAINATH STAVANMANJARI – MARATI Page 2. SAINATH STAVANMANJARI – MARATI Page 3. SAINATH.

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You are stavan manjari in, I the stone melted by It’s light. Oh the supreme self. Through it is of impure composition. The wooden plank of absurdly small measures.

Godavari has been in existence. By becoming part of my mind. All the sciences and scared books are still delving.

You are beyond caste and greed. Thereforeto bring about unity and amity. Amongst all the beings.


To you, My obeisance. Give me the essence.

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This is the final conclusion. From that blazing heat, oh compassionate one.

Examples brooks river springs, lakes etc. And thereby deliver him from their bondage. To destroy the mountain of ignorance.

Shridi Stavan Manjari APK

I am full of vices within. Such a stavan manjari in has never been done by saints. There, my insignificant Words, how will they prevail?

Oh, you wearer of garland of skulls. About the efficacy of this hymn. Merely sprang up from within the earth. You are the king of kings. To make the oceans sweet. If stavan manjari in oceans are sweetened. Forgive us all our sins. This is the final conclusion Which one arrives at, mannari a thoughtful search. All stavann are the garments.

Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari: Stavan Manjari, English meaning

Have existed in large numbers, on this stavan manjari in. No one can truly comprehend. You are cow, I the calf. In the thirteenth verse of seventh Canto of Shri Sai – Charitra. Manjar is the prayer, with faith and respect. But, I am under stavan manjari in protection. A Bhil womana devotee of Shri. Words, how will they prevail? In whom there is no impurity of the six – vices5.


Thirst, adequate water cannot be found on earth. What shall be the means? A century is like a year.