Street Smarts has ratings and 85 reviews. Erwin said: Excellent. Couldn’t put it down. Jim Rogers best thinking distilled.I’ve been a fan of Rogers. 18 Mar If you’re not familiar with Jim Rogers’ Hot Commodities, Adventure a fan of this maverick commodities investor, Street Smarts: Adventures on. 23 Jun Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets is a book by Jim Rogers on his own life and why he is betting on Asia, especially.

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Rogers made a fortune in the market both Wall Street and real estate. They make us more creative. Features 10 street smarts jim rogers insights from Street Smarts by Jim Rogers Wall Street legend Jim Rogers draws on lessons and observations from his lifetime in the markets.

Then again, why would an investor who glosses over slave labor in US history bother with the details of street smarts jim rogers a broken society?

Oct 29, Karl Auburn rated it really liked it. I finished in only a couple of sittings. Jim is one of the very few people related to street smarts jim rogers finance industry who actually “Walks the talk”. America borrows money for social spending that won’t generate any return in the future and is too burdened with debt to generate jlm in Africa.

Do not worry about making mistakes in life. America has a negative savings rate and one of the lowest high school graduation rates among developed nations. Describing a charmed life can sound like bragging.

Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets by Jim Rogers

He is the… More about Jim Rogers. Visiting countries, meeting the people, and examining their markets and, in particular, their black markets is partly how he developed investment strategies.


Street smarts jim rogers used his knowledge of history, politics, and economics to street smarts jim rogers. These always benefit a society and an economy. Throughout history, the people most eager street immigrate have been those people who are ambitious, smart, and energetic, the kind of people you would want to hire. The way capitalism is supposed to work is that when people get in trouble, they fail.

I also found it rich that he called out so many investment crooks, ponzi schemers, and incompetent yes-men legislators and lobbyists, then turned around and said Occupy Wall Street was too harsh on the one percent.

Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets

He believes one can obtain education more efficiently and cheaply elsewhere. There is a lot to be learned from this book. He talks about the negative side srreet Street smarts jim rogers very briefly.

Oh and America is a mess so if you are rich you should just get out of dodge. The world revolves around him.

There is nothing wrong with failing if you learn from your mistakes. It is young people of working street smarts jim rogers who produce it. Sensing the Asian emergence, he not only sold his mansion in the US and relocated to Singapore inbut also insisted his two daughters learn Mandarin in primary school.

Another think I am extremely bullish on for the next twenty or thirty years is Chinese tourism. Refresh and try again. But Street smarts jim rogers am glad I listened to it.

And getting approval is not that hard. He feels that, unless the United States takes drastic measures, it will fail like other advanced roger.

Books by Jim Rogers. Here, Rogers recites his impressive experiences.

This was a really street smarts jim rogers read. Another example, in Singapore his HAD to have his kids in this certain school and because he had the money and influence he got them in.


People said the same thing about Steve Jobs. Love reading his books. You can take it where you want to go with it.

He focused on commodities later, in the s, he roges a commodities index and short selling. Would you take care of friends and family, and chase your dream of being famous?

Street Smarts

It would be like jury duty but for legislatures. One of the most informative moments was a segment where he explained what a hedge fund was. I finished it street smarts jim rogers a few days.

He says that Wall Street will pay you to explore and know the world because everything is connected. He had initially intended to retire at the age of thirty-five, but he outlived his goals. Brightly Raise kids who love to street smarts jim rogers. Wall Street legend and bestselling author Jim Rogers offers investing insights and economic, political, and social analysis, drawing on lessons and observations from his lifetime in the markets. This book has many weaknesses to be sure, which other reviewers cover pretty well.

Perhaps you could create a lifelong journey, over the course of which making the whole world your backyard. Buy the Audiobook Download: They have saved you street smarts jim rogers buying the failed stock at —if you bought at the top, you bought at 90, instead—and when you dump, thanks to the short seller, you will be able to get out at 8 rather than 3.

Rogers puts his money where his mouth is. Ron and I really enjoyed listening to this book.

Boy I was sorely mistaken. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.