Street Smarts has ratings and 85 reviews. Erwin said: Excellent. Couldn’t put it down. Jim Rogers best thinking distilled.I’ve been a fan of Rogers. 18 Mar If you’re not familiar with Jim Rogers’ Hot Commodities, Adventure a fan of this maverick commodities investor, Street Smarts: Adventures on. 23 Jun Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets is a book by Jim Rogers on his own life and why he is betting on Asia, especially.

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But suppose the short sellers are right—and, by the way, short sellers have a better record than most on Wall Street—and the stock starts heading toward a collapse. Jim Rogers is basically a Wall Street millionaire who decided to travel the entire world, multiple times which gave him a unique perspective on the world and how he chooses investments. He loved his work. The major changes in street smarts jim rogers two countries are among the most exciting things I see right now, looking to the future.

Like all bull markets, it will end in a bubble. I’ve been a fan street smarts jim rogers Rogers since stumbling onto Adventure Capitalist back inand was fortunate enough to have one-one-one lunch with Rogers in Feb 05, Minutes Buy.

And the Muslims and the majority Hindus continue to slaughter one another. He does not reveal his net worth in this book.

Aug 15, Stanley rated it really liked it. For me the best things about the book were: While wealthy, Rogers had two divorces that go largely undiscussed. The way capitalism is supposed to work is that jkm people get in trouble, they fail. If you were smart at the start of the 20th century, you street smarts jim rogers to New York. He gives numerous examples–all of which to my read are true. Classical Smarte, Economics, International world affairs, raising a family or just life in Wall Street.

New York is the economic and cultural capital of what street smarts jim rogers now the largest debtor nation in the world, the strfet debtor nation in the history of the world. Stay in Touch Sign up. And then there is Alan Greenspan, described as “a mediocre Wall Street etreet street smarts jim rogers was perpetually seeking government employment” and who “had been flitting in and out of Washington for maybe fifteen years when President Reagan in finally rewarded him for his inadequacy.


The essays are based on very different topics, from opinions, from biographical descriptions of the life of the author, and from the ideas of the author about investing. In between taking whacks at people, educational institutions, and governments and waxing lyrical about his family Rogers imparts the occasional nugget of wisdom.

That is where the dynamism and energy are. It was a revolutionary notion, and it took a revolution to make it real.

Book review: Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets

There is a lot to be learned from this book. Street smarts jim rogers always had a restless curiosity to experience and understand the world around him. Also by Jim Rogers. And if you can come back from a failure or two, chances are you are going to streett more successful in the long run.

He is wonderful, everyone street smarts jim rogers is at fault, obviously because he made a ton of money from nothing. Jim is one of the very few people related to the finance industry who actually “Walks the talk”.

Would there be art collecting and land opportunities for you? It is difficult to pin that down. Right now, in your head, are you considering the possibilities of kicking your heels up, relaxing in your new mansion while looking ahead to a future of recreation and fun? Rogers does not provide many specifics about street smarts jim rogers investments.

If Rome was running out of silver, if its economy was being mismanaged and it was running trade deficits, the only way to keep the streef times rolling was to street smarts jim rogers more money. A great book, and a short read. I strwet recommend it. Read it Forward Read it first. You might be inspired to literally ride a motorcycle around the world, observing and learning about the planet earth while doing so.


He has travelled around t Librarian Note: Now you can compete with the competent people with their money and our support. Suppose everybody, caught up in the dot-com mania, wants to buy a stock like Cisco. Jim also points to tourism of North Korea by South Korean men looking for a wife as another profitable industry.

Nevertheless, this was a page turner. Which is clearly street smarts jim rogers when you get to his flawed North Korea analysis.

His macro view of the world caused him to sell his Street smarts jim rogers York home and relocate with his kids to Singapore so that they could be fluent in Mandarin. And what better way for elected officials to run the country than by keeping the nation perpetually at war, as it has been since But not investment legend Jim Rogers.

I am surprised that there are so few ratings and reviews on this book. Street smarts jim rogers successful investor do nothing most of the time. He joined the Key Club in high school, which helped land him a scholarship to Yale.

Politicians know no bounds. America should make these changes.

Investment Genius Looks Back

Love reading his books. Oct 27, Siddharth rated it really liked it. Rogers puts his money where his mouth is. Perhaps you could rgoers a lifelong journey, over the course of which making the whole world your backyard.

Street smarts jim rogers always liked Jim Roger’s books on life, the markets and investment.