9 Aug Tegel Manor – Revised & Expanded Edition – Tegel Manor – Second Edition ( Gamscience Version) A huge haunted house with a 6 Nov by Gabor Lux “Designed by generations of mad wizards and insane geniuses, Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress on a windswept and. Tegel Manor has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. TTocs said: A friend bought this Judges Guild Module for our dungeons and dragons group back in the early 80’s.

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This encounter can be considered a logical extrapolation of the original situation.

You have to be able to roll with that and hopefully immerse yourself in it to enjoy it. As a teen I also ran an evening session for my girlfriend of the time, who had had a trio of her PC’s explore a small part of the mansion.

There is also a cache of very good magic items, though — the mirror manot mental prowess is a whoppinggp in 3.

Return to Book Page. Mind you, Tefel didn’t actually see JG’s Tegel until something like ; getting hands on products that old in Hungary was just out of the question. First of all, I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done in the past decade for keeping the spirit of the old JG games alive.

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Common monsters were listed to avoid constantly referencing the MM. As I recall, I ran a couple of sessions where mid-level characters explored a bit of the front entrance and adjoining rooms. After that come the acid pits or the guillotine trap and the fireproof mummy, with a handful of friends from P1.

There is also a bit more spelled out NPC interaction — characters the party may befriend or combat here, my favourite is probably Rodento Ratsputin in H Adventure is a mite light on treasure, though. Nothing — and I mean nothing — has ever beaten it. Granted, the pace of posting is pretty glacial, and the only reason this post was written now was because the subject came up on TheRPGSite.


Tegel Manor | Fomalhaut

You wrote about the scale of the temple and monastery. The magic sword Rimefang at C4. The Acrobatic Flea January 8, at 7: Several level maps are included, with letters corresponding to area descriptions, and there is even a blank map for the players to fill in. If any books bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

The same end may be accomplished by destroying the portrait. I’m sure this adventure is going to be up to the high standards of North Wind Adventures. In this sections, there are also two rooms H There is also a fun bedroom-chapel duo I like D9.

The map, of course, is the best dungeon map I know of did you know there are sections which are devilishly hard to get into?

Change it back if you really want to. Before each session, I pregenerate some random encounters, keeping this roster of NPCs and monsters handy. Posted by Needles at Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout tegep never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. Emergent gameplay in action. I changed the majority of them to a fixed type — usually mmanor generated, and than modified a bit. What do you say?

Tegel Manor (convention edition)

I have attached a few of the ones I made — sidecuts of the towers found in the Lesser Library, but could be anywhere elsea letter from Ruang Rump to overconfident PCs, and a page from a chronicle. I added a few touches to reflect that.

But there are some very interesting tid bits here. It comes completely out of left field, and with the way 3. The emberlike glowing eyes of this beast flare up as the first PC enters, it hisses vehemently and jumps to the floor, disappearing entirely. Melan January 9, at 2: Since wandering family members are usually solitary, I made them immune to clerical destruction and control, although not turning or rebuking so the mid-tier types could pose a fair challenge.


Now I know you publish d Prestige classes and odd builds are applied more for thematic emphasis than tactical superiority. Is it intended as a joke, a Castle Greyhawk before its time?

Tegel Manor (Judges Guild #27)

Individual monster hit points were extrapolated from the original Tegel HTK — multiplied by 1. The encounters on levels 3. Obviously, I could write pages upon pages of what I did with various rooms and why.

I start PCs on 3rd level in most campaigns. You wander around a dungeon and find an old manro who is a god in disguise.

Tegel Manor (Judges Guild #27) by Bob Bledsaw

Nonetheless, the document was basically ready for editing. What my players don’t know is that Tegel Manor is their next msnor of call! The head of a monstrous purple worm emerges from whatever netherworld the mirror leads to. I wish to release the Manor part in a similar way, and have an outline to work with, but it will need a fair amount tege, time to finish.

The players enjoy figuring out how to lay these threats to rest. First, they are generic enough to be appropriate for every ghostly NPC in the module.

Even when I don’t change my mind, I still come away enriched by the encounter.