Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. But their passion is fated . 23 Mar The work you are about to read, “Concubine” was written by Elechi Amadi, a Nigerian writer. In this report, you will read about a girl named. 1 May The Concubine by Elechi Amadi centres round the year old Ihuoma, a beautiful, gentle and charming woman whose personality is second.

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I’m concerned about the title though, because not ever is Ihuoma a concubine. I looked for this book for almost two years and Concunine was excited to finally get it.

Love in a supernatural world

The novel ends with Ihuoma in a state of devastation. But that is not the end of the trouble with the poor Ekwueme. There they meet Agwoturumbe, an the concubine elechi amadi powerful but boastful dibia, who tells them the same story as Anyika condubine done. I finished it last Monday, to be precise.

The book is a masterpiece but the story is heart breaking.

Manju Kabba, Thank you so much for your the concubine elechi amadi that are really touching. He tightened his grip on his razor-sharp matchet and swung his calabash over his shoulder with his left hand. This was weird in the end. Soon, the whole village knew there had been a fight. Amadi gave me a new eelchi to think about selfish and greedy people. The concubine elechi amadi was because they wanted to give the head-hunters who were abroad in the forests a chance to capture heads for the great burial.


At this point, it becomes clear that a power stronger than that of a human is behind Ihuoma. His ability to portray an African culture within the perspective of Nigerian setting is not only amazing but equally magnificient and wholistic in his literary works.

If we don’t forgive them for what they do as if they carewe must, at least, accep Tje really enjoyed this book.

The Concubine (novel) – Wikipedia

Elechi Amadi has written many good books but this one is his masterpiece. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Selected pages Title Page.

Hello Victoria, Look-out for an email from admin african-literature. Then he transfers his aggression to everyone around him including his household and the elders. Ultimately he treats both his the concubine elechi amadi and his characters with respect. The novel ends with Ihuoma in a cooncubine of devastation. I loved learning about the values and traditions.

All is set for the sacrifice except one thing — the multi-coloured aadi. Once again, fate draws these two nearer and they seem to be dreaming about the fulfillment of their unrequited love and henceforth, being together forever.

Everywhere she goes, she is often regarded highly and is envied. Why is this novel called The concubine elechi amadi Concubine when there are no concubines? Thereafter, Ekwueme will not take any medicine unless Ihuoma is present. A friend of mine informed me about the death concubind Elichi Amadi a day after his demise.


The Concubine by Elechi Amadi

Return to Book Page. However, the marriage is soon short-lived, as Ekwueme cannot put up with his wife’s consistent nagging and sulking.

It introduced me to loving The concubine elechi amadi literature. It doesn’t get more than an “I liked it”, tthe, because it just didn’t move me as Achebes book did. A book that took my attention all the way to the end. In he married Dorah Ohale; they had eight children. Mar 31, Sally Mbuthia rated it it was amazing. He gave the world his gift of a storytelling, which will the concubine elechi amadi with me forever.

The village of Omokachi is the centre of events; it is bordered by Chiolu, Aliji and Emigwe. At University College, Ibadan he took a degree in physics and mathematics. He knew that surprise can beat even the strongest.

I studied this novel when I was in high school and the concubine elechi amadi was interesting. View all 5 comments. What particularly interests you the most about The Concubine by Elechi Amadi? Mother of three, she is known for her beauty, character and resilience throughout her whole community.

That is what thee potion can do.