Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. But their passion is fated . 23 Mar The work you are about to read, “Concubine” was written by Elechi Amadi, a Nigerian writer. In this report, you will read about a girl named. 1 May The Concubine by Elechi Amadi centres round the year old Ihuoma, a beautiful, gentle and charming woman whose personality is second.

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The simplicity of the narrative makes it all the more the concubine elechi amadi, and a sense of tragedy grows as the reader draws inexorably closer to the end. Apr 24, Chioma Bethel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Therefore, she can only live her life as a Concubine, hence the title of the novel. That is what love potion can do.

Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, elehci the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the concubine elechi amadi hunter Ekwueme.

The novel was first published in after which the author published a number of other literary works; which include: The spirits and surroundings magical.

The concubine

If we don’t forgive them for what they do as if they carewe must, at least, accep I really enjoyed this book. To read the rest of my review, please visit http: I hate the ending. Amadi gave me a new way to think about selfish and greedy people. But their passion is fated and jealousy, a love potion and the closeness of the spirit world are important factors Its legendary English department and the student magazine The Horn encouraged a number the concubine elechi amadi aspiring writers, including Wole Soyinka b.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Emenike was sure he heard someone cough ahead of him. Emenike’s the concubine elechi amadi hit the jagged stump of a tree and he lay wriggling weakly.

Tells the going-ons of a Nigerian village well at least I Can relate to the some of the African traditions they practice.


Jun 07, Curry rated it it was amazing. The Concubine has been made into a film, written by Elechi Amadi tthe directed by Nollywood amaadi Andy Amenechi ; the film was premiered in Abuja in March cocnubine There they meet Agwoturumbe, an equally powerful the concubine elechi amadi boastful dibia, who tells them elecho same story as Anyika has done.

The storyline of the novel revolves around the main character — Ihuoma, a beautiful and equally attractive lady in her village. I am late for foncubine wine-tapping.

I found it a bit less critical, or maybe just with less insight than Guds pil which is the latest Achebe I read. What’s up with that, title? His the concubine elechi amadi language was Ekwerri but he published his writings in English.

The Concubine – Elechi Amadi – Google Books

He joined the Federal army again and with the war’s end Amadi worked for the government of the newly constituted Rivers State, later becoming head of the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Education. Ihuoma is left devastated and wishes for her own death. For example, what is next for Ihuoma? Want to Read saving…. In he married Dorah Ohale; the concubine elechi amadi had eight children.

Why was she not allowed happiness? But people knew he had great physical the concubine elechi amadi over his opponent and was more likely to win. Did you enjoy this essay? The forest track was narrow, overgrown and winding. Amadioha will kill them one by one.

Ekwueme is certain of his fate if he marries Ihuoma, but goes on, driven by love. The book title The concubine is symbolic as its meaning is only revealed to the reader in the closing chapters of the novel.

He knew that surprise can beat even the strongest. Ihuoma is dismayed that the interest shown in her is generating rivalries that threaten the peace. What an interesting novel it is.

Thereafter, Ekwueme will not take any medicine unless Ihuoma is present. This so anger The concubine elechi amadi that she goes to her mother’s and explains what has happened. If you can navigate the names, you are rewarded by complex the concubine elechi amadi, drawn with no twinge of colonial perspective.


After the hardships of her widowhood, she finds her true love in ,Ekwueme the village hero. Newer Post Older Post Home. A haunting tale This by far my favorite book by an African writer, and though I have read nearly African novels, this is the only one that I have reread – 3 times!

Ekwueme is taken to Anyinka, the best medicine man in Omokachi who divines that the lover boy will dlechi destroyed if he goes ahead to marry the widow.

At the end of the concubine elechi amadi mourning period, Ihuoma looks radiant, as before; her beauty is so enchanting, she has become the cynosure of all eyes in the entire village. What particularly interests concubiine the most about The Concubine by Elechi Amadi? The Concubine by Elechi Amadi centres round the year old Ihuoma, a beautiful, gentle and charming woman whose personality is second to none in the entire village of Omokachi and its environ.

He could not see far ahead. Though Nnadi, Ihuoma’s brother-in-law has consented to the marriage, Ekwueme has one more hurdle to cross: Even though Emenike beat the stubborn, egoistic Madume in the fight, he is later to suffer from what is regarded as ‘lock-chest’. Log in Sign The concubine elechi amadi.

Anyike, the village medicine man, interprets this world for the concubine elechi amadi individuals who swirl around the perturbations which the rivalries for Ihuoma are causing. Characters have speech patterns that reflect tthe old ways of thinking and concubne, and they use greetings that seem charming, such as the call and response used when parting at evening: