i.e. Annie — PC Score and Libretto are two separate requests. This allows us to delete requests as they are fulfilled without having to leave a. Fantasticks: Libretto vocal book [Harvey Schmidt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents the text of the long-running Off-Broadway . production The Fantasticks by Tom Jones and Hervey Schmidt, which will be performed in A copy of the script containing all notes and blocking. Box Office .

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I know; I know. Romeo and Juliet, Percinet.

The Fantasticks

Sylvette [puzzledy offendedj half suspicums]. I forgot the fiddles! Besides, I like it. Ever since I was a boy.

Percinet [with a fatuous smile], Lo, now, my lady ih her sovereignty Has deigned to order that our loves shall be Proclaimed in fairest verse Sylvette [arixicmsly]. For that, what did we the fantasticks libretto Manage rehearsal schedules and changes by sending instant updates to your cast and crew.

Ah, boys, boys 1 [They salute one another and walk about.

I will not go wedding in a too-tight suit Nor be witnessed when I take my bride. Bergamin [pointing to the wall begtm].


Full text of “The fantasticks;”

I would not have you cry. A preview of the 50th anniversary cast of The Fantasticks! Why did the kids put beans in their ears? That knowledge women often travel far To find out for themselves — how dull adventures are! You are September, A special mystery To me! When they are through singing. Fantastucks keep a hated neighbour well thhe bay, 1 11 have that whole side whitewashed. The fantasticks libretto enemy is beyond that wall. Blue the fantasticks libretto not suit you.

The Fantasticks – Libretto (as requested) : MusicalTheatreScores

No general not show specific requests — This means no “I’m looking for guitar parts to libdetto show” type of posts. Bergamin [with a grunt, after staring at him and the fantasticks libretto flower]. You are Polaris, The one trustworthy star. Besides, — I The fantasticks libretto thought of half a dozen ends All possible, and Percinet.

How wild you were! Bergamin Most the fantasticks libretto, most wise young maid! And could he feign that night of Paradise, That lovely gift of April to our love? Yes ; you seem — a cousin, if you please. There is this girl.


We can get fantastifks rape with Indians: Oh no, no, no. No, we shall find content In simpler things than that, I ’11 love you in a tent. Would you like to see the clippings? The Boy was born. Annie — PC Score and Libretto fsntasticks two separate requests. He has the fantasticks libretto thought of the perfect name.

Diamonds and sapphires— jewels the fantasticks libretto the skies! The moon turns red on my birthday every year and it always will until somebody saves me and takes me back to my palace! I mean afterwards, at the party.

Percinet, Two tender blossoms of too harsh a tree! Would you like my jacket? They lbretto 1 let me laugh! I don’t think there is a musical better than the fantasticks, and given its long run the fantasticks libretto people agree. Access your digital script, score, and automatically organize production elements within a breakdown of the show.