A terrorist plot in London leads Israeli spy Gabriel Allon on a desperate search for a kidnapped woman in this thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling. Book review of The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva. 21 May Bestseller Silva’s superlative seventh novel to feature Gabriel Allon, “the legendary but wayward son of Israeli Intelligence,” puts Silva squarely.

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One minor quibble – Silva likes to add little stingers or post-climax vignettes not quite epilogues, but more along the lines of supplemental endings Silva seems to have used this book as a venue to voice his opinions and biases on world populace.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Spy fictionCrimeMysteryThriller. Many of those elements are present in this tale of a kidnapping in London and Allons search for the kidnappers and the plot Excellent spy adventure novel featuring Silva’s Israeli assassin Gabriel Allon. He worked with Rosen. In addition to being a widely revered member of the secret servant daniel silva Israeli spy service according to the back story, Allon’s reputation was established in silvw successful mission to avenge the killings of the Israeli athletes in the Munich OlympicsAllon is also one of the world’s finest restorers of Italian Renaissance art.

This time in London. Gabriel is returned to the American embassy where he learns the secret servant daniel silva Elizabeth Halton had not been at the address Ishaq gave but that there was evidence that someone had been there very recently. I can never get enough of Gabriel Allon The search reveals a DVD whose existence is revealed wilva to senior officials.

Daniel Silva and The Secret Servant « The Hugh Hewitt Show

They the secret servant daniel silva to let Gabriel and Mikhail kill the two Shaheeds before they can set off their bombs. He is such an enjoyable character, a reluctant hero but a hero nonetheless–one who is dedicated when he has the secret servant daniel silva be. Perhaps I was just in the right mood for it, but this Gabriel Allon spy adventure was very compelling.


The ambassador drafts a letter resigning the secret servant daniel silva position and visits with the prime minister of that country. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Egypt is indeed the heartland of Islamic extremism, and Egyptians are a major component of al—Qaeda. It dealt with one of the more unsavory aspects of the Cold War: He willingly and repeatedly risks his life in attempts to save the life of a person he has never met; her welfare is to Allon a bigger priority than protecting or saving the lives of large numbers of other potential terrorist victims.

Chiara takes Gabriel to the Israeli Embassy where he meets with Ari Shamron ; Shamron is angry that Gabriel agreed to deliver the ransom. The Danes arrest Hanifah and her son Ahmed.

The Houston Press is a nationally award-winning, year-old publication ruled by endless curiosity, a certain amount of irreverence, the desire to the secret servant daniel silva to the truth and to point out the absurd as well as the glorious. In “The Secret Servant”, Gabriel Allon, the avenging angel of Israel’s formidable secret service, is back to do battle again with secrret ever-rising tide of radical Islam terrorism.

While Ari and Uzi discuss their options, Gabriel disposes of his radio and weapon and follows the instructions to another vehicle he has never the secret servant daniel silva before. None of Daniel Silava’s books I read I didn’t look up what they were about I entered and flew by them.

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Elizabeth Halton was never in Denmark. Also by Daniel Silva. And all evidence suggested it was only their opening salvo. Daniwl story is somewhat complicated, but never overly so, as the author handles its the secret servant daniel silva and turns smoothly. Trivia About The Secret Servan View all 4 comments. He was one of the men who abducted Elizabeth Halton.


Follow Hugh Hewitt Hugh Hewitt. Graham Seymour is introduced. Some of Silva’s previous Allon books have seemed rather repetitive, but this takes some unexpected twists, and new characters are developed well enough for the reader to care about the outcome.

The goal of this plot is to force the United States to release an Egyptian the secret servant daniel silva jailed on terrorism charges. I want to bring the characters to life on the page and then let them lead me by the hand.

Gabriel lives in the permanent contradiction of being, at the same time, a killer and a saviour of sorts, always ready to give his own life, but the secret servant daniel silva escape narrowly after a lot of persecution.

Gabriel flies to Cairo and stays at the same hotel at which he stayed when searching for Khaled al-Khalifa ; Mr. The novel was really a private plea to policy makers not to take similar morally questionable steps in the war against terrorism.

The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva |

As the van left the road, Ishaq tried to shoot Gabriel but Gabriel kicked the gun out of his hand. He adds that the man driving the operation is known as the Sphinx.

the secret servant daniel silva Ishaq agrees to release Elizabeth to his father Ibrahim somewhere in Denmark and to call the next day sikva details. Graham takes Gabriel to meet with the British Prime Ministerwho apologizes for the way Gabriel was treated after he tried to help in Hyde Park and asks if Gabriel will help again.