The candidates are advised to work closely with their supervisor s regarding their research work. Building the Future Universiti Utara Malaysia was formally incorporated on 16 February , with the unique mission to provide academic excellence in the areas of business management, education, IT, and quality management. Full name of author in uppercase using Times New Roman point fonts c. The students are required to register and pass the following two 2 pre-requisite courses before they continue with their research: There are two types of courses — Core Subjects, which are compulsory for all the students and Elective Subjects, which have to be opted by the students out of the courses offered by a particular specialization. The candidates must submit two 2 copies of their project paper by week fourteen

Operational Definition and Instrumentation. The candidates should submit three 3 hardcopies of the thesis: Systems Approach to Sustainable Development c. Preliminary pages preceding Chapter 1 must be numbered in Roman numerals i. Pay the fee before the viva voce session Thesis Guideline Master Dissertation 21 credits

This list includes the number of each table. Results and discussions may consist of more thesis guideline oya uum one chapter depending on the nature of research. A short and specific training modules from days would be planned for VPs, general managers and other decision makers.

Refer thesis guideline oya uum appendix J b. Our main campus thesis guideline oya uum Sintok, Kedah has world-class facilities and infrastructure for postgraduate studies. Footnotes and text in Tables and Diagrams should not be less than 10 point points.

Full name of author in uppercase using Times New Roman point fonts c. Doctor of Business Administration DBA This Doctor of Business Administration DBA is a three-year program that is specifically designed to provide a rich learning experience for professionals who aspire to pursue a postgraduate qualification.

Mgmt Thesis is not more thanwords, a DBA dissertation not more than 60, words, a Master thesis full research not more than 60, words, a Master dissertation mix-mode not more than 45, and Master Research Paper 12 credit hours and Project Paper 6 credit hours not more than 30, words. It presents complete results and analyses of the study in the form of figures.


Payment of fees should be made at the Bursary before registration. The management students have to opt for compulsory Core Subjects equivalent to 30 credit hours and they can choose 4 subjects equivalent to 12 credit hours out of 6 subjects offered for specialization in Sustainable Development, namely: It is meant to act as a base for the experimental of analytical section of the thesis.

Van Marrewijk CSR is associated with the communion aspect of people and organizations. Page numbers should appear by themselves and should not be placed in brackets. Request for permission to copy or thesis guideline oya uum make other use of materials in this thesis in whole or in part should be addressed to: Economics of Development In addition to the course offerings, the students are encouraged to undertake research in CSR, sustainable development and rural ICT.

Literature selected must be related to the research as a thesis guideline oya uum to guide the development of research framework. Results and Discussion Analyses of data and findings of the research are described in this chapter.

Data Collection Sampling and Procedure. A major section is numbered with the First level 1.

Master Dissertation 21 credits Certification of Thesis Work The Title Page should not be numbered though it is counted as page i. Refer to Appendix D.

UUM Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business

The title is placed below the figure. Sample of Figure In case of candidates required to re-defend their proposals. Link to this page. It is understood that any copying or publication or use of this thesis or parts of it for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. thesis guideline oya uum


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Before binding the final project paper. Save time and contact the …. Full title of thesis in uppercase using Times Thesis guideline oya uum Roman point fonts b. This is where these professionals meet and share experiences and ideas that would be valuable in the process of learning.

Once the proposal has been submitted. The program aims at producing graduates who are capable of generating and disseminating new knowledge, as well as responding to changing business environment and the interest of stakeholders. Friedman There is one. Sample of Table Table 1. There should be consistency in the use of the language throughout the thesis.

The candidates are advised to work closely with their supervisor thesis guideline oya uum regarding their research project.

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Each focus area will ultimately become a Centre of Excellence CoE. The viva voce session for Master Dissertation will be evaluated by two 2 internal examiners appointed by thesis guideline oya uum College and chaired by chairperson appointed by the College.

The footnotes should stand at the foot of relevant pages. Bold print may be used for headings. The marks scale are as following grading system: CSR relates to phenomenon such as transparency. CSR in its broadest definition is concerned with what is — or should be — the relationship between the global corporation. The thesis guideline oya uum is as listed below: The examiners would provide written comments and to recommend the status of the dissertation.

Title Page for MSc. Specific Guideline for Master by Research Candidates