False; Language is not just vocalized. What does LEA stand for? What is low-context communication? What is top-down processing? Please enable Javascript for full functionality. The persona or characteristics of a speaker has no affect on a listener’s comprehension. Culturally defined conversational patterns that tend to talk and interrupt more, expect and are not bothered by people who interrupt them, tend to speak louder and quicker.

Because they are experiencing emotional discomfort: What is the second stage of culture shock? People and nations rely on one another for goods and services. Why does a language learner pass through the ‘silent phase’? What are alternative assessments? The second level, the additive approach. Academic language can be broken down into what 3 levels?

Monochronics view time as a linear pattern and polychronics view time as simultaneous activies taking place. What are the two main functions of speaking? Listening is a passive skill. What is the final stage of culture shock and what happens within this stage? Role-play, story reenactment, coloring a picture, music, tsl3109 coursework, poetry, playing a game. What is the Interactionist Theory?

Vocabulary, syntax sentence conventionsand discourse. Extreme importance over time. Javascript is currently not supported, or is tsl3109 coursework by this browser. According to Banks’ Level of Tsl3109 coursework Content Integration, this is the level in which concepts or themes are ‘added on’ but not incorporated into the curriculum.

People who like to learn by themselves, not preferring group work. ELLs must be taught the social, cultural, and pragmatic features of a language.

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People and nations rely on one another for goods tsl3109 coursework services. American or Contrasting Cultural Value: Who is well known for developing the Innatist Theory? Oral language is not the same when written down, limited vocabulary, different discourse patterns.


Different browsers use different keystrokes to activate accesskey shortcuts. Each culture has its own rules about when and how to speak and even what to speak about. What tsl3109 coursework TPR stand for? Feelings of confusion, loss, stress, and anxiety that a person may experience when encountering a culture different from his or her own. What tsl3109 coursework the first stage of culture shock?

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Children are born tsl3109 coursework biological propensity for language – prewired to learn language. Offers students opportunities to acquire new vocabulary and grammatical constructs in meaningful contexts. According to the schema theory of reading, teachers should build on what two types of a reader’s schemata? What is nonverbal communication.

ELLs do not make predictable grammar errors. Why does a language learner pass through the ‘silent phase’? Learning Hypothesis, what is acquistion vs. What is the tsl3109 coursework stage of culture shock? Ability to concentrate, flow of speech, differences in sound systems, pragmatics, limited vocabulary.

What are global errors? Student Services, Resources and Tsl3109 coursework. This is the first level of language development.

What types of feelings will a person have during the Honeymoon stage of culture shock? Errors that hinder communication; concern overal content, ideas and organization. What are the tsl3109 coursework principles of the Innatist Theory?

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Tradition, rituals, customs are honored. What is another name for the Pre-productive stage of language development?


Person reconciles with the language and begins to understand cues of the new culture. Looking for tsl3109 coursework Different Catalog? Children are born with a clean slate ‘tabula rasa’and by imitating their parents and tsl3109 coursework reinforcement – language is created as a set of habits. What does LEA stand for? False, we manipulate the language continously.

Why might math be difficult for ELLs? What is high-considerateness conversational pattern? What is low-context communication? According to Banks’ Level of Multicultural Content Integration, this is the level in which we want to change our students’ perspectives by altering the curriculum to tsl3109 coursework them to view concepts and themes from diverse ethnic perspectives.

What is bottom-up processing? Immigrants and Refugees are the same thing.

Cummins states that it is possible to transfer cognitive skills in L1 to a student’s Tsl3109 coursework. Which of Krashen’s Hypotheses states that language is learned in a predictable pattern – similar to learning your L1?

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Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor.