Current Students and Staff. This module is designed to complement the prose fiction workshop but is open to students on related programmes. The literary agency David Higham Associates sponsors a generous bursary, and the agency Curtis Brown awards an annual prize to the best graduating student. Alternatively, please try using our course search. Assessment There are two coursework submissions for the Poetry Workshop, in January and May respectively, each of 12 poems and a critical commentary. All of which is done to enable you to write the best short fiction you’re capable of writing at this time. A limited amount of financial support will be available to appropriately qualified candidates to meet the costs of participating.

Because of our teaching and other commitments, we are usually unable to meet potential applicants individually. We will challenge the formalist distinction between experimental and realist fiction that has dominated the most influential work on the mid-century novel, and which has also stamped many post-war writers as irretrievably minor. How is innocence and loss of innocence depicted differently for female, male, white and non-white protagonists? Foreign language texts are all read in translation. Providing a specific message means universities will take your enquiry more seriously and helps them provide the information you need. This could be an excerpt from a novel, or a portfolio of short stories, or just one short story. We often think of poetry as a descriptive art, representing our experience of the world.

Your creative work will also concentrate on how to craft a convincing plot, creating believable characters, building narrative drive and suspense, and generating voice.

Each week we usually pair two authors.

You will study the forms, techniques and thematics of both non-fiction and fiction, with an aim to experimenting with and improving your writing in both forms.

At the end of the course students will receive a certificate of completion and there will be an opportunity for them to find out about applying to the Creative Writing MA at UEA.

The effects of new market uea creative writing poetry ma, media and digital technology on the form of writing and the construction of the “author” could also be seen as one of the legacies of modernism. Media Room Uea creative writing poetry ma News. Our usual entry requirements are as follows:. UEA Literary Festival The University of East Anglia’s first literary festival took place in and over the last twenty five years we have welcomed a host of award-winning authors, journalists, illustrators, scientists, economists, broadcasters and more.


Creative Writing Poetry MA

You are also committed to offering this in return. At its core is the weekly workshop, a supportive but rigorous environment in which to test and refine your poetic technique.

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Promising candidates will be invited to one of our interview days, which are scheduled across the academic year. You will explore the literature of these periods in its material contexts the region’s prosperity and power may still be seen in its architecture and in the rich holdings of its libraries and museums uea creative writing poetry ma ask whether there was a specifically East Anglian cultural tradition. Postgraduate Admissions Office Tel: Go to Alumni and Supporters home.

What role might literature play in this? At the same time, you’ll consider a number of original works of literature from recent years, thinking carefully about the relationship between theory, method and form. At its core is the weekly workshop, a supportive but rigorous environment in which to test and refine your poetic technique.

Make a good research paper? Key stage 2 creative writing skills.

uea creative writing poetry ma Unsuccessful candidates are welcome to re-apply, though not within the same academic year. Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies. We consider Hegel’s responses both to Kant’s critical philosophy and to the literary theorising of the Schlegels and Novalis, with readings from the Phenomenology of Spirit, the Logic and the Aesthetics, before turning to the development of Hegelian thought in Marx. The questions only grow more interesting if we consider changes in reception and more uea creative writing poetry ma when we alter era or cultural setting.

Whom should I approach for references — a former tutor, my current employer, a lifelong friend? Having too rigid an idea of what you want to achieve might make it difficult for you to adapt your work in response to feedback.


Come check it out. Please note that the closing date for receipt of complete applications including all documentation and references is 1 May Discover why it pays to get a first. Uea creative writing poetry ma you interested in how a book is selected for publication, in how to write for an online readership, or in learning how to edit?

MA – Master of Arts. In the second workshop you will continue to hone your skills as a writer and reader of poetry. Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. The might be of interest to anyone who wishes to gain an in-depth understanding of one of the most dazzling periods of European literary history. Come in for a relaxing treatment at uea creative writing poetry ma of our many locations.

MA Creative Writing Poetry

If you know any young writers we WritersCentre and IdeasTap have an amazing competition for them: And finally, what new ideas might this prompt about publication, exhibition and public engagement? Although most of the stories you read will be relatively contemporary, the module will also attempt to historicise the form, attempting to sketch a sense of its development. Unlocking The Past How can the study of dusty manuscripts lead to uea creative writing poetry ma creation of interactive digital mapping tools?

Criticism which registers, in its own form, language, method and the ways in which it has been transformed by the work s of art it encounters? Alternative Qualifications If you have alternative qualifications that have not been mentioned above then please uea creative writing poetry ma the Admissions Office directly for further information.