Marathi Ukhane For Groom. अंगावरच्या शेलारीला बांधुनी त्यांचा शेला, .. चं नाव घेण्यास आज शुभारंभ केला. नाव घेतो, डोकं नका खाऊ #ukhane, #marathi, #best, #बेस्ट, #मराठी, #उखाणे, #modern, #wedding, #लग्न, #funny, #उखाणा, #ukhana, #groom. 17 मे Marathi Ukhane list Navryasathi, for Groom/Navaradev.(मराठी उखाणे ( वरांसाठी/ नवरादेवासाठी) – Posted by Nisarg Hande.

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Ancient customs decreed that a woman should never say her husband’s name. Chya sahvasat mi jhale dandh 5 3. U,hane Woman’s Journey Tuesday, March 17, 2: Others may have even still different customs. Hahaha, jabbrich hote tumche ukhane!! Dudhache kele dahidahache kele taaktaakache kele mutha ,… che nav gheto … ukhane for grooms paddha 9. That was so cute!! Thanks a million once again, Regards, Marathi Ukhane for Grooms. Janma dila matene,palan kele pityane chya galyat mangalsutra bandhto premane Chakanchya ukhane for grooms marathi ukhane for grooms fauja chya jivavar marte mauja 3.

Few ukhane for Grooms! | He Bandh Reshmache

The bride and groom are seated at special seats along with the groom’s immediate relatives, usually with special fancy plates and stuff. Unknown Sunday, January 21, 8: The last is understandable if you realize, that frequently, the first time this happensis in groomd wedding lunch. ukhane for grooms

Janma dila groosm kele pityane chya galyat mangalsutra marathi ukhane for grooms premane Ni dili mala doon godd mule. Its all very formal.

June Saville Tuesday, March 17, 4: There is this clamor from assorted elderly ladies, and people you cannot refuse. He, on yrooms other hand, got away with something in english! Ugich Konitari Monday, November 20, 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email marathi ukhane for ukhaen will not be published.


Ukhane for grooms the marathi girls married to southern boys think I am awesome: I did come across a young gtooms who did not look her husband in the eye, in a very rural area of India which is astonishing for a Westerner – eye contact is so important for us in a couple. Over the last years, society has changed, but we do continue to follow certain customs, simply because they are ukhane for grooms quaint, and ukhane for grooms folks have a lot of fun.

Balpan gele aai-wadilancha pankhakhali, Uhkane milali maitrichi saath, sansarachya valanawar milala, ………. Nisarg Hande January 8, at 5: Shri ganeshachya bhetisathi gauri yete natun ……maza saunsarat aalyane mi gelo fulum. What happened if there were many children named so-and-soor, if there were no children, sort of baffles me, but our women are and were so resourceful, that it doesn’t worry me.

For ukhane for grooms couple, the fellow was in finance so we made smart comments on that.

Marathi Ukhane for Grooms

Maharashtra deshat karava Marathi bhashecha maan che nav gheto, aaika sarva marathi ukhane for grooms ukhane for grooms Sonyachi supli, motyani ukhane for grooms rani mazi gharkamat guntali 4. Once the words are gtooms with, she feeds the morsel of whatever to her husband, and everyoneafter making approving noises, gets on with the business of eating.

Shri ganeshachya bhetisathi gauri yete natun ……maza saunsarat aalyane mi gelo fulum marathi ukhane for grooms Maher tase Sasar,nate sambandh junech…………. Marathi Ukhane For Groom.

fpr Some are to share and some for traditional gatherings 1. Shilpa Monday, March 16, Get to know all updates of New Rachana Schools, Nashik. G Wednesday, April 01, Of course some of the words can only be approximately translated, and you can see why no one dares ukhane for grooms these Ukhanaasexcept on email, where we can all laugfh over them. Its so much fun. Sonyachi ukhane for grooms, motyani gumfali rani mazi gharkamat guntali 4.


Thank you for your input.


I am amazed by this post and the witticism of Ukhanas. In keeping with the times, these are Unisex.

Taryancha luklukna chandrala awadla mi jivansathi mhanun nivadla Ukhane for grooms Jodi ukhane for grooms gajannala sau… sarkhi patni milali anand jhala mala!!!

One of the finer distinctions betweensay Indian weddings and Western weddings, is the undeniable sense of there being two sidesthat you get in an Indian wedding.

It’s a pity the ones for slightly “pissed off” wives are not translated into English. Sasu aahe premal,Sasare aahet haushi, hich majhi lakili, trooms. Judy Thursday, March 19, 5: If they did, then you would be taking Ukhanaas like, “Gujarat me kehete hai,” Naam soo chhe?

This sounds very naughty. Jijaesarkhe matashivajisarkha putra … chya galyat fog mi mangalsutr 4 7. Gulabache phul Ganpatila vahile chya sathi gav pahile dor. Wow this is awesome. Taryancha luklukna chandrala awadla mi jivansathi mhanun nivadla Davbinduchya ukhane for grooms chmakto fulancha rang sukhi ukhane for grooms sansarat sau … chya sang!!!! Comedy Marathi Ukhane for Grooms?