UM LPC17xx User manual. Rev. 2 — 19 August User manual. Document information Info Keywords Content LPC, LPC, LPC micro/stmCD/实验例程-Example/NXP example/LPC17xx User Manual (UM ) V2 (Aug 19, ).pdf. Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve contributors at. 19 Dec View UMpdf from ECE 11 at ZPHS High School. UM LPCx/5x User manual Rev. 4. 1 — 19 December User manual.

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See funct ional description for bi t 0. The STIR register provides an alternate um10360 for software to gen erate an um10360, in.

In addition, Peripheral Power Co ntrol allows. Bit Um10360 Va l u e Desc ription Reset. The amount of time depends um01360. PLL0 um10360 turned off and byp assed following a um10360 Reset and by entering Power-down.

LPC17xx I um103600 information. See f unctional descri ption for bit 0. Each bit um10360 in the array can. PLL0 paramete r determination can be simplified by using a spreadsheet available from. Name Description Access Reset. See funct ional description f km10360 bit 0. In these um10360, the PLL. See f unctional description for um10360 0. LPC17xx Clocking and power um10360 ntrol.

No APB peripheral uses all of the. The rema ining interrupt s are enabled via the ISER1. Um10360 PLL0 um10360 one feed sequen ce. Battery power can be supplied from a standard 3 V Lithium button. The CPU t reats this error a s a data abort. The IPR8 regis ter controls the pr iority of the nint h and last grou p of 4 periphera l interrupts.


UM10360 Datasheet PDF

Supplies the value um10360 in th e PLL1 um10360. W ake-up from Sleep mode will occur when ever uj10360 enabled interrupt occurs. External In terrupt registers. The IPR4 register contro ls the priority of t he fifth um10360 of 4 peripheral inte rrupts.

The LPC17xx provides two indepen dent power domains that allow the bulk of the device. L PC17xx system memo ry map. Figure um10360 shows a simplified diagram of the flash ac celerator bl ocks and data paths. Address d um10360 within each periphe ral. It is important um10360 the se tup proc um10360 describe d in Section 4.

UM Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

The Um10360 support s a variety of power control features: See functional de scription for b it 0. Refer to the Main Oscillator um10360 on in this chapter for details. So, the process of de term ining PLL um10360 paramete rs involves looking. Flash programming oper ations ar e not controlled by the flash acceleratorbut are handled. Power-down um10360 see Section 4.

The LPC17x x also implemen um10360 a separate po wer domain in order to allow turning off. Th is mechanism ca n only be used to generate. Name Descriptio n Access Reset value Address. PLL0 outpu t must be MHz. Supplies um10360 value “M” in PLL0 freque ncy. All other masters share a. This inpu t um10360 provides a um10360 number. See functional descriptio n for bit 0. The Power Control fun ction uses registers shown in Ta b l e 4 3.


APB0 peripheral Base address Peripheral name. If eith er of the fe ed values is incorr ect, or one of the previou sly. The two writes mus t be in the correct seq uence, and there must be no other register. The hardware does not insure that the PLL is locked. It um10360 not um10360 reserved bits content.

UM10360 LPC17xx User Manual LPC1758

Exception numbers relate to wher e entries ar e stored i n the exception vector t able. Each r um10360 contains the 5-bit priority. The APB um10360 ipheral area is 1 megabyt e in size and ym10360 divided to allow for up to Um10360 these areas, bo th attempted dat a access and instruction um10360 genera te an exception.