Factors affecting these influences should be considered such as differences in social, economic and other factors, e. Tourists are educated about how their trip affects the reef and they are not allowed in certain sensitive areas. Subsidised childcare and education to encourage more families to have more children. India is particularly suitable for solar power due its large mass of land and its tropical location. River Thames in London. The rapid growth in population, this might refer to the rapid growth of the world’s population in the lat years, or the rapid population growth of just one country.

Spillages also pollute the beaches along the British coast eg. The country will have to pay large amounts of money to be able to buy anti-retroviral drugs this is not a cure, but it helps support victims immune system. The Maldives are located south-west of India in the Indian ocean and consist of more than islands. The country may see a reduction in tourism and investment as people are reluctant to travel to a country with high infection rates. Besides, deforestation requires people to travel farther to collect enough fuelwood. Full Name Comment goes here.

The atmosphere is polluted by the incineration of waste. The toyotarisation disturbs animals, kills vegetation and creates dust stroms. Problems of population decline: The country may see a reduction in tourism and investment as people are reluctant to travel to a country with high infection rates.

IGCSE CIE Geography: 1.1 – Population Dynamics (Case Study) – Australia: Underpopulation

Menu Skip to content Welcome! Lesotho is now also going to benefit from an agreement made by drugs companies to lower their prices.

Published on May 3, Population distribution The population of Canada is clustered in the Southern areas; because, the cold Underpopulation case study igcse geography climate makes cultivation impossible and it is rather unpleasant to live in those cold areas. Because many people in rural Africa may be illiterate education might have to be done through posters or theatre drama.


Spurn Head, Holderness Coast. An increase in the underpopulation case study igcse geography of elderly dependents is a strain on the working population as higher taxation is required to support the pensions of the elderly and to fund services such as health care and specialised homes.

The major earthquake was followed by several aftershocks up to a magnitude of 5.

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Many prostitutes are infected but don’t know so continue to transmit the disease. For this reason, Germany has adopted underpopulation case study igcse geography measures that attempt to encourage families to have more children: Also, fishing is very prominent, as the distributaries are colonised by shrimps. China’s one child policy High cost of raising children Immunisation programs e.

However, exept for a few trees, the desert is home to thorny bushes and shrubs. In the last decade the population has increased at an even faster rate reaching 7 billion by Inthe Colorado River Compact was introduced to divide the underpopulation case study igcse geography supply between the states of the Upper and Lower Basin of the river, with each group being allocated 9.

Besides, Germany is perceived as a country that protects and promotes human rights, offering food, shelter and language courses to refugees. Underpopulation case study igcse geography onshore winds picked up dry sand from the wide beach at the estuary of the Dovey Dyfi river. Hi, thank you so much for your useful website, is it possible to print the case studies for example?

The lava flows damaged many homes and roads and services were disrupted due to evacuation measures.


Case study: Underpopulation – Canada

It is located near Cambridge in the United Kindom, as Cambridge University provides a large supply of expert labour and allows for the sharing of technology.

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Short-term responses included search and rescue efforts and emergency evacuations. The tsunami was the direct consequence of a 9.

Also in the future there will be less people in the reproductive age range causing further declines. It is approximately m high and 2.

People between the underpopulation case study igcse geography of 16 and The DTM looks at how a country’s population may change as it develops. Densely populated urban areas: Lack of education about family planning Poor availability of contraception and cost of contraception Polygamy amongst some ethnic groups Primary based economy High rate of sexual violence often leading to unwanted pregnancies Reasons for declining death rates include: Lava eruptions in March were followed by an explosive eruption on April 14th HIV was first discovered in and is believed to be a virus that crossed over from monkeys to humans in Africa in Africa it is very common for people to eat bush meat like monkeys.

Natural disasters often only causes short term increases underpopulation case study igcse geography. Animals are also scared away by traffic.

The tradition of taking more than one wife. They are even going door to door with testing kits.